21 countries for Under-20 women’s tourney

WINDHOEK – A total of 21 countries will compete in the FIFA U-20 World Women Championships African qualifiers for places at the Germany 2010 Championships.This weekend will see Mozambique hosting Kenya, with Islanders Madagas­car welcoming Reunion. In other matches, Uganda palsy Rwanda, Togo meet Sierra Leone, with Central African Republic to play Sao Tome this weekend. Southern African have six countries exempted form the preliminary round of qualifiers based on their superiority, but will be involved in the next and final round of qualifiers.Africa has only two representative at the bi-annual championship. Peren­nial competitors Nigeria and DR Congo are firm favorites once gain to book their places for the June 26- July 27 Showpiece in Germany.

Hot on their heels with be South Africa and Ghana, will countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe are also expected to put up a good fight for the two places.The South Africans have twice failed to beat Nigeria in 2002 and 2004 losing heavily (2-9, on both occasions). This stopped them from qualifying for the World championships. The other years saw the DR Congo being obstructed from qualification. Ghana on its part made it right to the last round of the eliminations only to be defeated by the Nigerians. The five winning teams will during the first and third weekends of the month of December face the best teams of the continent during the second round of the qualifiers.The United States of America are the defending World Champions having won it in 2008 and 2002, with China (2006) and Germany (2004) won it once each.

Preliminary Round

Central Africa – Sao Tome/Pr.
Madagascar – Reunion
Uganda – Rwanda
Mozambique – Kenya
Togo – Sierra Leone

Exempted: South Africa, Botswana, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Namibia,
Nigeria, DR Congo, Tunisia, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Next Round
Central Africa – Sao Tome/Pr. – RD Congo
Botswana – Namibia
Tunisia – Egypt
Congo – Ghana
Madagascar or Reunion – South Africa
Uganda or Rwanda – Zambia
Mozambique or Kenya – Zimbabwe
Togo or Sierra Leone – Nigeria


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