New political party formed in Zambia

Lusaka – The National Restoration Party has been formed in Zambia, making it more than 25 political groupings to be formed in the country since the country’s independence from Britain. The party, known as NAREP, headed by a prominent lawyer Elias Chipimo (Junior), 46, and envisions among others, transforming the country’s destiny, was launched in Lusaka on March 2. Chipimo envisions that the formation of the party will form part of the realization of a vision built upon the dreams of every Zambian man and woman, boy and girl-a vision founded upon the belief that existed in the minds of freedom fighters at independence in 1964. He said the journey embarked upon by the new party is that of offering hope and faith, hope that is there and which is more than can be offered to the people, many of whom are destitute and have not benefitted from the independence gained from colonialists as well as restore faith that God has in store for all the citizens. Although Zambia gained independence in 1964 and championed multipartism in 1991, the country, with a population of 12 million people has remained poor because the leadership has failed to articulate people’s aspirations noting that the country has not been at peace despite not being at war with its neighboring countries because of squabbles. “Our politicians seem to be at constant war with one another yet. While we are not at war with any neighboring states, we are not really a nation that is at peace with itself.” Although many Zambians seek change in the political dispensation in the country, there lacks vision and deep conviction by the leadership to meet the desires of the people they lead which the party said seeks to restore. Honesty, humility, respect, tolerance, forbearance, hard work sacrifice and a commitment to serve the masses are some of the key principles of the new party formed as espoused by the country’s freedom fighters that sought Zambia’s liberation. The party further envisions seeing a transformed Zambia, a nation directed by leaders who want to be judged by performance and principle rather than power and possessions secretly accumulated while in office. If elected into office in 2011, the party seeks to place excellence, integrity, sacrifice and service above self interest at all times, create a leadership that will offer the beacon of responsibility, compassion and hope not just to the people and Africa but to the world. It envisions training youths as well as the unemployed citizens and creating world class jobs for them allowing them to finally dream of having real prosperity in their lives. “NAREP will pursue a vision that will bring electricity and quality healthcare and education to every village in Zambia-no matter how remotely located it will be and that the technology is available to make it a reality.” The party shall envision to introduce a policy that will reduce dependence on expensive imported oil and to be done with the persistent power cuts and fuel lines that are common every year. Chipimo pledged his party’s commitment to introduce flat taxes for all and make Zambia the preferred destination for business, business that will support development of local talent and raise the standards of products of services to levels compatible to the best in the world. “We’ll combine technology with agriculture to transform the rural landscape into an oasis of activity and innovation.”

March 2010
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