Four on the chopping block  

 Windhoek – Mozambique diva Jen became the ninth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother AllStars house. The beginning of week 10 saw five housemates remaining in the AllStars house with just a few weeks away from the ultimate prize of US$ 200 000. Munya, as has become the norm, survived eviction for the sixth time and as head of house, he is definitely staying a week longer. Kaone is the only remaining housemate who had not been up for eviction until this weekend.  During the first week, when all the AllStars were up for the chop, Kaone and Tatiana left the House only to be brought back by Big Brother. Since then, he has managed to dodge nomination. Jen said though she was blessed to be in the Barn, she was tired of being in the game and didn’t know where she’d get the strength to continue with the game. With more Barn mates than Housemates, there was a blind effect with regard to nominations, an effect that left housemates with more questions than answers. Meryl told Biggie that nominations seemed weird and she didn’t understand how everyone voted “but ok” she said in total confusion. Mwisho was glad that they were all up for possible eviction and told Biggie he thought it was fair and that would create less “who nominated who” spirit.  For this week, Munya had the most nominations with five while Uti, Kaone and Mwisho all had four nominations and Meryl had the least nominations with only three people nominating her. Munya, as the house’s head, replaced himself with Meryl and that means Meryl, Mwisho, Kaone and Uti are all up for possible eviction this week. There is a possibility that more than one person may be evicted depending on how Africa would have voted.

September 2010
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