What Namibians say about legalising prostitution  

• Emily Kuzano I am against this idea because prostitution is an immoral act that tarnishes one’s image, now to make it legal will give our country a bad image to the world. It will also serve as an easy way out for many lazy young people who can look for a job; they will get even lazier and think the answer is in selling my body for quick money. Prostitution will also drive up the already high HIV rate in our country and it doesn’t comply with traditional and cultural values and norms in our country. • Jezuva Keeja I totally support the Minister’s call to legalise prostitution in Namibia. Everyone needs money and not everyone has a job or can even get a job for that matter to earn money from therefore people opt for prostitution to earn some money for basic survival. Not every prostitute ended up in prostitution by choice but difficult circumstances lead them there. So I am for prostitution to be legalised as long as there is protection from sicknesses involved. • Roger Toga I am for the idea of prostitution to be legalised and I am against it as well. I disagree because it increases HIV infection rate. As a Christian it is a big no because I believe there are other alternatives prostitution is not the only way out. You find people selling small things on the streets and they too have the potential to become prostitudes but they choose not to. Yes because it can go a long way in solving the unemployment problem.   • Shorty Actually I’m surprised for Honorable Kazenambo Kazenambo as a minister to say such a thing. Legalising prostitution will just bring the country more problems. Whether prostitution stays illegal or is made legal, women will still be abused physically and sexually. Also, I don’t see how it will tackle the unemployment issue; government must create employment somewhere else. Were will this leave our culture and norms? Even youngsters who struggle with finances as students will turn to prostitution. Prostitution will not bring our country any money and I will not support the idea of making it legal. • Mc-Hanry Mbaha Prostitution is all over Windhoek, we see it all the time and we cannot ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, let’s face reality and go on and legalise it. At least that way we can know that it is being controlled. I am totally for it to be legalised and I support the minister in his call.

October 2010
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