Nigeria’s Uti claims the big dollar price  

Windhoek – Nigeria’s Uti is Africa’s new Big Brother winner, making Nigeria the first country to win the show for two consecutive times. The show came to a sad end last Sunday with Uti beating Zimbabwe’s Munya by just one country having eight countries behind his back while the diamond boy Munya had seven countries voting for him making him the first runner up of the AllStars season of Big Brother. Amongst the five who made it to the finals, Kenya’s Sheila was the first to be evicted from the house. She described the last week as being hectic “…because you get closer to the money and as you can see I’m out here, but we had so much fun! I’m going to savour every one of the 91 days,” she told IK. All the way from Morogoro, Mwisho the village guy was next to be evicted and left the house holding Tanzania’s flag as well as his in law’s Namibian flag. Asked about were the newly engaged couple will stay (Tanzania or Namibia?) he put up both the flags saying “We’re gonna be the continent!” glancing over at a teary Meryl. Lerato the South African diva was next to leave the house and she was welcomed on stage by her family something that brought her close to tears. When the big moment finally arrived the nerves in the house were getting almost impossible to handle and the next best thing the boys did was stick to their cigarettes – smoking one after the other. When it was finally his time to leave the house after being announced as the winner of the Big Brother AllStars, Uti danced his way through the fireworks in the garden and jived onto stage, he was greeted by a wall of sound as the continent paid tribute to the ultimate All Star. He wasn’t going to get off without revealing his secret, though, as every evicted Housemate has to let the other Housemates know their secret. “You managed to keep your secret til the very end, so you keep your US$1000 as well – tell us what it was,” said IK. “My secret is, when I was a teenager, I had a teenage crush on Britney Spears,” he revealed. “Being the winner of Big Brother All Stars and having kept your secret, you leave with US$201 000, which probably makes you the richest guy in this room!” said IK. “I’m going to ask you to shut down the Big Brother House. Count down from 10 to 0…” As Uti counted, the lights in the house switched off and the cameras faded to grey, signaling the end of the continent’s popular show and hailing the latest Big Brother winner.

October 2010
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