Women’s university on enrolment drive  

Windhoek – Women’s University of  in Africa (WUA) co-founder and Vice Chancellor Professor Hope Cynthia Sadza paid Namibia a visit this week with the aim of having mature Namibian women enrol with the university.  Sadza told journalists in Windhoek the University was established with a mandate to  empower women who were formerly disadvantaged and who find it difficult to break into tertiary education.  The university enrols women who are 25 years and older who have been working and want to obtain a degree.  “Mature women need promotion and this is why we are targeting women 25 years and older, who have decided what their ambitions are. The university seeks to empower such women,” Sadza said.  Upto 85 percent of enroled students at the university are women and the institution plans to keep this ratio, although there is also provision for previously disadvantaged men too. Sadza said the university aims to develop students on a needs basis and not copying courses being offered by other universities.  The WAU is a private university which opened its doors in 2002 with its headquarters in the Zimbabwe capital, Harare. It is a fully accredited university recognised by the Government of Zimbabwe. The University derives its name from its main aim of addressing gender disparity through catering for mature women from the African continent.  “Without educated women, we can never develop Africa and at a larger scale, the world,” Sadza stressed adding that women are at a critical stage that requires them to make markets for jobs, so that prospective employees come to them and not vice versa. The university provides bridging courses to women without necessary grades to get admission. It offers among others degrees in agriculture, entrepreneurship, Information Technology and business management as well as Gender Studies.

November 2010
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