Cabinet opens for 2011 business  

Windhoek – President Pohamba says his Government will strengthen the provision of health care services and carry out a country-wide review of health infrastructure and facilities.  He said this at the opening of the first Cabinet session for the year on Wednesday.  The review was crucial, he said, in ongoing efforts to make health care accessible to  citizens. “Our government will also put in place a framework on public/private partnerships to facilitate complementarily among public and private health care service providers” he said.  The President also spoke about the good rains the country has received this season saying farmers would be able to produce more food this year.  However, he said, the nation must remain alert and ready to deal with emergencies that may arise as a result of floods.  The government will expand services to subsistence farmers in crop-producing regions as part of the Dry Land Crop Production Programme. Arrangements should also be made for the procurement of surplus grain from mahangu and maize growers.  This purchasing scheme is designed to provide a market for surplus grain and contribute to national food security. The existing agronomic projects under the Green Scheme should be expanded and new projects should be developed to increase food production said the President who added government will continue to monitor these projects.  The government will also intensify activities to combat animal diseases, with specific focus on the areas with high propensity for the break-out of such diseases. At the same time, said Pohamba, the active search for markets and marketing opportunities for locally produced products should be continued.  Priority must be given to farmers, north of the Veterinary Cordon Fence, in order to address the concerns and problems associated with the existence of the Red Line. 

February 2011
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