And the Winner is…?

The finale of the seventh season of the Big Brother Africa Stargame reality series is going to be a tight contest with the curtain coming down this week.

Six contestants are vying for the ultimate prize of US$300 000.
Two East African countries ‑ Kenya and Uganda ‑ and four Southern African countries ‑ Malawi, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa ‑ stand proud, as their housemates have made it to the final of the popular television show.
On August 5, one of Keagan (South Africa), Kyle (Uganda), Lady May (Namibia), Prezzo (Kenya), Talia (Zambia) or Wati (Malawi) will go home US$300 000 richer.
This year’s show was tough, as Big Brother tightened rules of the game.
First to be kicked out of the game after violating house rules were Ghanaian housemate DBK and Zainab from Sierra Leone. The two were disqualified after they got tangled up in a physical fight.
Zimbabwean housemates Roki and Maneta were also kicked out of the show for violating the golden rule of non-provocation.
In one of the press statements M-Net Africa Managing Director, Biola Alabi, described Roki and Maneta’s disqualification “as a shame” but believed the two housemates were strong contenders for the ultimate prize if they had stayed on.
Alabi, Nigerian national, said she could not blame the housemates for succumbing to their emotions because the outside world has no idea how much pressure they had gone through while in the Big Brother house.
“Disqualifications are based on the principles of the rules. Before the housemates enter the house, we fully brief them on the rules of the game and make special emphasis on the provocation rule,” said Alabi.
Ola, a Nigerian housemate, had potential to win the game, but he voluntarily exited after he fell ill and had to seek medical treatment outside the house. According to the rules of the game this year, Ola had to leave the game with his partner Chris. The other Nigerian housemate, Goldie was not a strong contender, as she was too emotional and was evicted two weeks ago leaving Nigeria with no representative.
Angolan pair of Esperanca and Seydou opted for voluntary exit after Esperanca could not stand the heat of the game.
Some viewers have dubbed this year’s show the worst, judging from number of disqualifications and voluntary exits. The nominating system has also come under criticism with people claiming that the system was used to successfully eliminate the strong contenders.
But Alabi explained that: “Housemates’ actually preferred the random-nominations machine because they said it was better to be nominated by a machine than nominate each other, especially during the first weeks of the game when they didn’t know each other well.”
Alabi added that disqualifications and voluntary exits were all caused by housemates’ failure to deal with pressure in the house.
However, the majority of housemates might consider themselves lucky having made friends and built up a fan base across the continent.
Lady May made her mark during the show with her strange exercise routines in pink high heels and her somewhat extreme yet attention-grabbing presentations, which caused her to be noticed by Africa and to become a trending topic on social networks.
For instance, her view on sex that “I do not believe in sex, but in love-making” has become a favourite quote among Big Brother Africa viewers.
Many fans came to love her, others tolerate her while a few despised her to the extent that they call her “scary and crazy” but nobody can deny that she was really a strong competitor.
In last Monday’s diary session, the Namibian housemate contended that it was anyone’s game as all the finalists were strong characters and advised the winner to try to live a humble life afterwards. Lady May vowed to remain herself if she wins the money.
She said her stay in the house was like a vacation, and that she enjoyed the tasks and everything in the house. It does not seem like she is going to miss anybody from the batch of housemates who are still in the house. She added that she cannot give them her time simply because there is no connection whatsoever between herself and them. She said that she wouldn’t miss any of them because they keep gossiping about her.
She, however, said will miss Barbz and Zainab and a few other former Upvillers.

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