A revolution is brewing…

Editor  – The editor of the Namibian newspaper, Gwen Lister , in their issue of November 9, 2012 had a lot to talk about our Hon President, Comrade Hifikepunye Pohamba for raising  the fact that we might face a revolution, and again Alex Kaura as usual  had a  lot to say about our Presidential candidates .
Let it be very  clear that we as  SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) cadres stand fully  behind President Pohamba and we caution that the nation might resort to “revolutionary”  tactics in order to  repossess its ancestral land.
Indeed the so-called willing-seller, willing-buyer policy has never worked out at all as most of the arrogant white farmers are taking advantage of this humble gesture by our government.
We the revolutionary wing of SPYL  are patiently monitoring the  cat-and-mouse game utilised by these unpatriotic white farmers on this sensitive land issue, and the day will come that they will be awakened by thunder .
As our government has always been gentle in solving this land issue, our leaders  have deemed it wise enough and necessary  to extend such a word of caution to them in anticipation that they will listen.
Truly speaking, the tolerance  of the people has been exhausted to unacceptable levels   Therefore Gwen  Lister if I may advise you, please be fair and  objective  in your reporting, and also allocate sufficient space in your editorials about the government’s efforts in trying to resolve this  land issue within the most amicable means at its disposal. Please refrain from being so biased on this sensitive issue.

• SPYL Cadre

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