Honour the Shark Island Dead

Shark Island (Haifischinsel) in Namibia was the home of exterminations and mysterious experiments.
Currently this island is treated as a recreational site for visitors and revellers who seek to relax and enjoy themselves.
Despite its bitter historical baggage, the island is now the place for merrymaking.
Visitors normally don’t go to the island within the spirit of honouring or paying homage to the fallen Namibian people who were brutalised and murdered there by Germany’s Imperial Force between 1904 and 1908.
We have forgotten the significance and importance of Shark Island and we think that it is just a wildlife resort for our pleasure.
It is the duty of the Republic of Namibia to officially proclaim Shark Island a national sanctuary that deserves a national shrine for ceremonial pilgrimages in much the same way we used to commemorate at Eenhana, Omungulungombashe and other consecrated places around the country.
As a worthy gesture to the dead, a monument or a tombstone is always erected at the specific site where such mass killings occurred.
So we need to erect a national monument as a sign of respect to all the people who died on Shark Island.
It does not matter even if we have many national monuments as long as we honour all those Namibians who perished for the sake of the freedoms that we enjoy today.
In 1999, Robben Island has proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for special cultural purposes.
Why can Namibia not also proclaim Shark Island as its ceremonial site for future historical purposes?

• Nambili Samuel
Via The Southern Times’ Facebook Page

December 2012
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