Germany is testing our temper

• Dear Editor
“Once a soldier always a soldier,” the saying goes. Once a coloniser always a coloniser, we say.
Germany has always been a thorn in the flesh of Namibia.
When the remains of our ancestors arrived from Germany in 2011, the government of Namibia welcomed them at the Heroes Acre; but the remarks that Germany’s Ambassador made at that occasion were very disappointing and disgracing. The government of Namibia was too kind not to expel him from his post.
Fast forward to 2013: another Ambassador finds the guts and has the audacity to go and lecture the Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia to stop talking about reparations for the genocide committed by his government 109 years ago.
It is a pity that people who committed such gruesome atrocities can find a space in independent Africa to air such abusive, insulting and vulgar statements.
Mr Onno Huckmann as well his predecessor Mr Egon Kochanke insulted Africa.
How can Mr Huckmann say that any story of reparations on the genocide will jeopardise the cordial relationship that exist between the Namibian government and Germany government?
This gives food for thought on the Namibian nation and Africans at large.
How do people talk of a cordial relationship when one party is duct-taped not to speak about the hurtful actions inflicted by the other party?
Germany must be joking. Or maybe they are trying to test the waters to see if it’s hot, deep or if the Namibian people are stupid.
The other Ambassador, Mr Egon, talked about a German initiative to help the affected peoples, but was this initiative a project by the government of Namibia or the tribes that were almost exterminated from existence?
Now we understand that the German government supported that project to bribe the government of Namibia into keeping quiet about the past.
If Germany was keen to help or heal the wounds of the affected groups, it means that they are sorry for what they did – but they turn around and demand silence!
In Kenya, the British have been doing the same but it looks like the Mau Mau had the backing of their government to facilitate for lawyers and legal experts to challenge the British government in court on the matter of restorative justice and reparations.
Perhaps in Namibia, the voice of the government is not vocal and radical enough to force Germany to bow to the demands of the people.
The government of Namibia is asked not to drag its feet in the sand on this matter because the tempers of the people are reaching boiling point.
The Namibian government is supposed to echo its displeasure over the provocative remarks these diplomats have made.
The government must write to Berlin and caution them that if they keep on uttering these inhuman statements against the people of Namibia, they should not come back to blame the government of the Republic of Namibia for failing to control the people when their tempers boil over.
Perhaps now is the time for Namibian government to realise that the pain inflicted on Namibia people in 1904-08 is not a Namibian problem alone.
It is an African problem and so Africans should not just keep quiet when their brothers and sisters are being molested and harassed at the hands of the colonisers.
As of now, we should realise that any harm inflicted on the people of Mali, Namibia or South Africa is a problem for the whole of Africa.
You touch Namibia, you touch Africa!
The government of Namibia must assist the people of Namibia to make proposals over the issue of reparation.
While we appeal to the government of Namibia to be committed over this issue, we appeal to the German government and other former colonial powers to know that Africa is not how she was in the 15th century when her people could be dragged into slavery and colonialism.
Africa has changed and the youth together with our leaders do know what the Western world is up to.
We may have no weapons and drones but, you will not reduce the people of Africa to dust. You will never again play with Africa the way you did with our ancestors!
You can cheat and lie to yourself that there is not one single true son left in Africa; you can say the entire race is in the captivity of your influence.
We know you boast that Africa’s manhood was finished in the classrooms, you think our testicles were smashed with large books of capitalism.
But Africa is alive; we are watching and are alive.
Soon the sons and daughters of Africa are going to own and control Africa and everything that is in it.
Saunders Jumah
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February 2013
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