“What were the lies” Western ‘slave media’ put to the sword

New Delhi – Western countries, especially the US, use their “slave media” to spread propaganda to justify wars and invasion of other nations, a respected Indian journalism expert has said.
Seema Mustafa, a columnist and consulting editor of The Statesman, said this at a seminar on the media and global affairs organised by the Centre for Media Studies’ School of Social Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi recently.
The Centre for Media Studies is running a series of seminars and lectures that critically examine the socio-economic, political and intellectual bases of international news organisations.
“We actually see an entire war based on media propaganda … They spread lies to justify regime change,” Seema said.
She said the “Big Three” media agencies – Reuters, AP and AFP – were used to spread American war propaganda in Iraq, Palestine and, most recently, Syria.
In Iraq she said, the world was told about weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.
“I had gone to Iraq six weeks before the invasion, and again I witnessed the lies of entire media. What were the lies? That there were weapons of mass destruction. Then (George W) Bush and the US administration and his media changed it saying Saddam (Hussein) the butcher, the terrorist, the sectarian etc etc, all kinds of stuff, and that became sufficient for regime change,” Seema said.
This was in reference to the overthrow of the late President Hussein, who was executed in December 2006.
“There was no questioning about (the motives). Embedded media, with the American army, marched into a country … since when has journalism become one-sided and so propagandist?”
She said journalists should defend the poor and the marginalised.
“This (war in Iraq) was a sheer propaganda blitz, which was carried by the US… We took information from Western media, but the torture, the destruction of a civilisation, looting of its museums, humiliation and human rights violations against innocent civilians were not covered by the media,” she said.
She said the murder of civilians was not a matter of interest to Western media.
“Instead the embedded Western media in their little air conditioned offices united to give propaganda. And now we are seeing a similar media war being fought in Syria,” Seema said.
Recently Press TV, an international Iranian network, described Western media coverage of the escalating tension on the Korean Peninsula like “watching a cross between a bad James Bond movie and a cheap horror flick about flesh-eating zombies”.
“It would be funny if the danger of war was not so serious and imminent. The disturbing direction of the Western media coverage is to set up North Korea – a poor, impoverished country – for an all-out military attack by the world’s nuclear superpower psychopath – the United States,” Press TV commented. It said Western media, which claimed to “free-thinking bastions of independent journalism, when in reality they are nothing more than progenitors of the worst kind of pulp fiction”, were behind the escalation of tensions.


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