‘Invest in the youth’

Windhoek – Young people in Namibia are three times as likely as adults to fail to find employment despite having the potential to contribute immensely to national economic development.
This was said by Kauna Schroder, the principal project co-ordinator and advisor to the Environmental Commissioner in Windhoek at a recent preparatory meeting for the sixth National Youth Week.
The National Youth Week is scheduled for the end of April and will run under the theme “Youth Action for Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation”.
Schroder said young citizens were valuable partners in efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and Vision 2030 (Namibia’s development blueprint) among other national priority programmes.
“The youth bring fresh, innovative thinking to long-standing development concerns.  Their energy and idealism can help make up for lost ground and achieve our development goals in full and on time,” Schroder said.
Schroder called on the government to involve youths in policy formulation and implementation.
“They must also increase the financial, education and technical support made available to young people, and help them realise their potential… It’s high time that we stopped viewing our young people as part of the problem and started cultivating their promise and potential.”
On the National Youth Week theme, Mandela Kapere, who is executive chair of Namibia’s National Youth Council, warned that without holistic climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, poverty would deepen in the country.
The National Youth Council lists among its objectives to foster a spirit of national identity, a sense of unity and self-respect, and in-depth awareness of social, economic, political, educational and cultural issues.
The council also concerns itself with youth empowerment matters.
Teofilus Nghitila, the Environmental Commissioner, said: “As a country we placed climate change high on the development agenda in order to safeguard the livelihood of our people in particular the youth.”


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