Rockaz Music Entertainment Expands

Windhoek ‑ Namibia’s Rockaz Music Production has signed up young and vibrant upcoming artistes Koxa, Tuko and Nesslow.
Koxa and Tuko will be working as a group and Nesslow as a solo artiste.
Rockaz ‑ managed by award-winning artiste, Exit of the “Go to Malawi” and “Koskola” fame ‑ is an offshoot of Young Innovators Business Group (YIBG) and has been in existence for four years now.
Speaking at the signing up ceremony recently, Levi Katire, Marketing Manager of Rockaz said, “We are here to officially sign up three artists because we want to grow and also strengthen our investment.”
Rockaz is a progressive movement, which grooms artistes to realise their full potential. The production company invests in its artists and assists them in getting to the top.
Exit, Manager of Rockaz, said, “We signed the trio because they are very talented and we want to work with people who are hard working. We look at our artistes from a working perspective and their work ethics is just amazing.
“As an empire, we should work as a team and we are pushing everyone equally.”
An exuberant Koxa said, “We are very excited to join Rockaz and the reason we joined them is because we realised that our fan base is growing rapidly and we wanted to take things to the next level. Also we signed up with the best label because they are experts and if we put our talent together we’ll produce something massive.”
“If you want to do good music you have to work with the right people.”
The trio will release an album soon, with Tuko and Koxa featuring Nesslow in a single titled “Ilaapa”, which will be shot and released this month end.
Nesslow will also launch a clothing line through Rockaz called Swagg Clothing soon.  
“I am also looking at owning a studio in a few years, which I will call Swagg Entertainment and clothing,” said Nesslow.
Rockaz Music Production is currently working on Exit’s third solo album “Go Hard or Go Home”.

May 2013
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