BBA: Eviction Bug Draws First Blood

Windhoek – Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality show last week Sunday claimed its first victims in Uganda’s Denzel and Kenya’s Huddah.
Denzel, radio and TV personality from Kampala, was the first to be evicted from the Ruby house, while the Masai princess from Kenya was booted out of the Diamond house.
The duo bade their byes after just a week in The Chase.
Teary-eyed Huddah’s exit was a relief for Namibian housemate, Dillish, who was not on good terms with the Kenyan model.
A feud was brewing between the two girls after Huddah was heard saying, in no uncertain terms, that she cannot stand the Namibian lass.
Asked during the eviction diary session how she felt and, who and what she would miss the most, Huddah ‑ who was fully dressed as a Masai princess ‑ said she was confused and would miss Angelo the most.
“We were on the verge of having a thing going on,” she confessed, adding that she believed Africa wants romance, entertainment and hardworking housemates.
The pint-sized Ugandan, Denzel, who spent the entire week in his briefs, is going to be sorely missed by African viewers due to his great sense of humour and his crazy antics.
Denzel and Huddah’s evection mean the The Chase is on – more heartbreaks are to follow.
Judging from emotions involved ‑ nomination day seems to be the most dreaded activity by the housemates in the Big Bother Africa house.
Also up for eviction was Sierra Leone’s Bassey  who confessed to being scared and nervous during the eviction diary session – though he brought out his usual self.
“I don't want to go,” he moaned before speculating on why he was put up for eviction.
Housemates nominate each other for various reasons, with the smart ones trying to get rid of potential threats or the cunning ones sacrificing their friends, while others do it out of spite – as they cannot stand others.
Up for possible eviction this Sunday are – Dillish (Namibia), Feza (Tanzania), LK4 (Uganda), Koketso (South Africa) and Hakeem from Zimbabwe.

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