Angola, Kenya Under Threat

Windhoek ‑ Angola is on the verge of losing both its representatives in the Big Brother Africa – The Chase reality show in a double eviction come Sunday.
If both Biguesas and Neyll are booted out of the game, Angola also makes history by losing both its representatives in a double eviction. Angola would also become the second country to have no representatives in the reality game after Uganda lost its representatives earlier in two separate evictions.
Lady luck deserted Biguesas (Diamond), who previously survived through the “Save and Replace” powers vested in the Head of House, Selly. This after Selly had moved the Angolan to the Diamond house in a swap that shocked both the Diamond and Ruby houses, as housemates had expected Cleo and Hakeem to be re-united after a week of separation in a previous swap. The swap could have worked against the Angolan, who was still warming up to his new environment when soon it was nomination time.
Biguesas’ compatriot Neyll (Ruby), however, became a victim of circumstances, as he had only garnered one vote in the nominations. In an unfortunate twist of events, however, the “Save and Replace” powers that saved Biguesas the previous week now worked against him and unbeknown to him, Neyll is facing the chop.
Also under threat is Kenya, whose remaining representative, Annabel, is on the chopping block. The other representative of Kenya, Huddah, could only last a week in the game and was ejected in the first eviction show.
Malawi’s Natasha, who finds herself on the nomination list for the second time after a week’s breather, seems to have grown unusually quiet since learning of her nomination. Could this be a change of strategy to win Africa over? However, should the axe fall on her, Malawi still has hope in Fatima, who is safe, at least for this week.
The other housemate on the chopping block is Zimbabwe’s Pokello, who remains cool, calm and collected even after learning of her nomination. But will this last?
Meanwhile, the numbers in the two houses are fast dwindling, with the eviction of Ruby lovebirds LK4 (Uganda) and Koketso (South Africa) in the last show.
While Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Zimbabwe still enjoy full representation in the game, only time will tell how long this seeming cosiness would last. Meantime, warning bells are tolling for Kenya and Tanzania who have a representative apiece.
This week the fate of both Angola and Kenya lies in the hands of the public, as both countries’ representatives in Big Brother Africa – The Chase have been handed up for eviction.


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