It’s all about luck in Big Brother

Windhoek – It was extremely sad seeing both Angolans housemates say goodbye in the recent evictions. Even though a number of viewers were hopeful that at least one Angolan housemate would remain Africa has the last say.
The two Angolan housemates Biguesas and Neyll became the fifth and sixth housemates to be evicted from Big Brother Africa – The Chase.
This time around, seven housemates are up for possible eviction, with all the powerful Head of the House (HoH) positions in both the Diamond and Ruby houses playing central roles in nominations.  If you know what's good for you in the Big Brother Africa house, as HoH during the save and replace, its best to put up a housemate that has no chance of turning up as HoH in the following week and that has by far been Selly’s strategy and it surely is working wonders for her. 
However Melvin who was HoH the previous week saved Bolt and replaced him with Annabel who happens to be HoH this week.   They say revenge is better served cold, but to everyone’s surprise Annabel saved herself and placed Motamma in the hot seat – a wise move indeed.
With four nominations, Natasha seemed to be fast approaching the end of her road as the housemates complained that she’s trying to build alliances by whispering into people’s ears therefore most of her fellow housemates feel that she can’t be trusted.
Natasha took the news hard after she learned that she is back in the “not so nice seat” and kept asking why the housemates don’t like her and wanted to know what she may be doing wrong. 
The Malawian representative has already survived two eviction attempts but will luck be on her side this time around?
Zimbabwe’s Pokello is on the lucky side since Bassey who’s the head in the Ruby house saved and replaced her with Oneal from Botswana.   Motamma who’s the second representative from Botswana is also up for possible eviction on this Sunday.  History might just repeat itself during this week’s live eviction show.
Elikem and his player ways was also the topic in many sessions in the Diary Room and now the housemates have had it with him. 
Feza told Biggie that the Ghanaian is not being true to himself and consequentially, his housemates.
Angelo felt that Elikem couldn’t be trusted as he has also been trying to get people to vote for certain people and that didn’t go down well with the South African choreographer.
Oneal agreed with Angelo and added that he’s guilty by being associated with Pokello and that neither one of them can be trusted.
Elikem seems to be losing friends very fast, especially now that he’s trying to be with Pokello.
Nonetheless, luck has been on Bolt’s side after he has been saved several times but this time around he has to face the music as he has the most nominations in the Diamond house. 
With him is his lover Betty from Ethiopia, who clearly lost her eye on the enormous prize since she got involved with Bolt early in the game. 
Her chances are quite sleek but who knows? Africa might just surprise us.  The jolly Tanzania’s Nando is also up for possible eviction for the first time but one doubt he has much to worry about since Africa at large seems to like him.

June 2013
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