Namibia braces for possible double eviction

Windhoek – Big Brother Africa season eight surely is by far the one with most “hook ups” and it’s all starting to make sense why it’s titled “The Chase.”
The latest pair is Nando and Selly and how long it will last is the question on everyone’s lips as the two are complete opposites. 
However since the beginning of the show Selly’s game plan has been admirable to date and she has proven time and time again that she belongs in the game and does not intend on leaving just yet.
And there is no doubt that the Ghanaian actress love triangle with Sulu and Nando will be to her advantage as viewers would love to see more of where it’s headed. 
Tanzanian Nando is nevertheless a loud good-humored mouth, who says what he wants when he wants to but again they say opposites attract, so it might just work out for the new pair.
On another note, Biggie is extremely full of surprises and definitely unpredictable. 
The previous party on Saturday was by far the best as Big Brother permitted housemates to party together, allowing them ample time to bond and get to know each other better, as usual all good things must come to an end – the night ended on a good note nonetheless.
As usual, two housemates are evicted from the show every Sunday and after four weeks in the game Botswana’s Motamma and Ethiopia’s Betty left the Big Brother house last Subday. 
The scientific researcher from Botswana was nominated for the very first time and she proved to have not been the strongest of contenders.
But her fellow country man – Oneal who was also up for possible eviction has been saved and needs to up his game plan if he wants Botswana represented to the very end.
On the other hand, Betty was in real shock when she was called to leave the house as she earlier told Biggie that she was enjoying her stay in the house and was not ready to depart. 
The reality is that the Ethiopian lass was almost passive in the game and had clearly forgotten what she went in the game for and undoubtedly that gave Africa more reason to let her go.
Natasha is up for eviction again this week, which is a clear indication that her fellow housemates want her out.
But African viewers seem to have her back as she already survived three evictions. But as how long her luck will last is the million dollar question from viewers.  
Zambia’s Sulu was saved by the Rubbies Head of the House Feza and placed Zimbabwean Pokello in the hot seat. 
Pokello’s country man Hakeem is also up for eviction, both have been countless times on the chopping block but this eviction show is a hard one to tell.
Also Bolt has become a regular on the nomination list and he might just be evicted this week as he was previously voted in by just Sierra Leone which is his home country. 
In addition, both Dillish and Maria from Namibia are up for possible eviction come Sunday with them is Kenya’s Annabel, who like Natasha has been on the chopping block time and time again.

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