Feelings and Emotions: The BBA life lessons for Maria

This past week The Southern Times' Mercy Kakuhaja  caught up with former Big Brother The Chase housemate Maria Nepembe, who shared her experience during her five-week stay in the house. The former Namibian representative was the tenth housemate to be evicted from reality show.

Q: How was the experience in the house and what did you learn about yourself?

A: The experience was unforgettable, the most beautiful, the best experience of my life, so much fun and I came out with a different perspective on life. I am very patient and I learned how to control myself and feelings. Also I am a very caring and respectful person; I respect other people’s feelings and emotions.

Q: Who were you closest to, also what were your best moments in the house?

A: I was closest to Beverley from Nigeria. And the best moments for me were the Jacuzzi and Saturday night parties.

Q: What was your reaction when IK called out your name?

A: I knew I was swapped so I wasn’t shocked when IK called my name. However, I didn’t want to leave just yet as I still wanted to represent my country and have more fun. I was so close to God in the house, he calmed me down. I was completely confident. I wasn’t mad, I was just disappointed.

Q: Why do you think you were never nominated?

A: Because of the type of person that I am, as a lovable person.  That’s what all the housemates told me and I never knew that about myself.

Q: What was your strategy?

A: I didn’t have a strategy. I was being original and am sure I was not the most boring housemate, especially with the people I was up against. I think I was more entertaining; more real but it’s what is (sic) meant to be and I am not going to find reasons to justify why I was evicted. I am rather going to appreciate the opportunity and my time in the house.  Although I came out the fifth week, Africa got to see the real Maria.

Q: Having been locked up with the same faces everyday surely must be hectic, so what kept you going?

A: What kept me going is that I really got close to God in the house and that kept me so strong, happy and motivated that’s why I was the only one dancing and singing all the time even if there was no music playing.

Q: How did you cope with being on camera every other minute?

A: The first day you are paranoid and when you are undressing or in the shower you go like woo I hope nobody is seeing this but then it fades out and you forget that there are cameras and that you are in a game and are supposed to be competing against this (sic) people, you just start having fun and enjoy yourself.

Q: How did you feel when you and Dillish finally got to be under the same roof?

A: Having been united with Dillish was so cool, it was self-assuring and calming to know that your best friend is in the house with you. You know that whatever you are going through and experiencing you have her right next to you, plus we managed to talk and catch up. Africa got to see how my best friend and I are. That is the way we behave at home, in a club or wherever, we are just crazy.

Q: What did you miss most back home?

A: I missed each and every person in my life, the peaceful environment and weather. I missed kapana (beef roasted on open fire) and the good food.  Everything tastes so different and yummier. It feels good being home, got a warm welcome.

Q: What is the way forward?

A: Onward, I am going to carry on with my modelling, MC’ing and presenting.  Hopefully, I will open more doors for myself in other African countries.

Q: Any final words?

A: I want to encourage Namibia to pray, support and vote for Dillish as the amount of votes really counts and will be to her advantage.  

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