Things get real in BBA

Windhoek ‑ The heat is undoubtedly intensifying and it’s getting more real as 12 housemates have been booted out of the game already.
Last week, Malawi’s Fatima, who received the most Ruby nominations because of her mood swings finally bit the dust. But Fatima seemed prepared for her exit, as she took it very calm and was confident all the way.
Her countrymate Natasha, however, baffled viewers when she wept uncontrollably on Fatima’s departure. Maybe she was being genuine, she was probably hurt after all.
One can’t help but wonder how a housemate who has been constantly on the chopping block always makes it through but the moment he or she is not nominated but replaced, Africa decides to let him or her go.
That is exactly what happened to Zimbabwe’s finest hunk, Hakeem, who was visibly shocked, hurt and more than anything disappointed as he kept telling Biggie in his Diary Room Sessions that he does not want to leave just yet.

One, however, can’t avoid wondering what the future holds for Hakeem and Cleo, who had become unquestionably close and inseparable in the house.

Love and heartbreaks
The Saturday night parties always offer the best drama for the viewers and they are surely the icing on the cake for Big Brother Africa fans.
This time Angelo and Beverly were all lovey dovey, as they danced intimately and kissed passionately, a definite must see it was.  Who would have thought the two had the “hots” for each other? This show is genuinely full of surprises, one must admit.
Couples in the house also seem to be under a lot of pressure to keep going.
Pokello and Elikem called it quits, while Feza and Oneal are forever at each other’s throats over minor issues.
Maybe it’s just not easy being with someone day and night, that’s why Feza asked to be swapped to the Diamond House for a breather.

Hakeem’s girl from Zambia, Cleo, tops the nomination list with six votes this week.
Some housemates nominated her as they see her as a threat whereas others supposed she felt out of place now that her lover Hakeem is gone.
Also topping the nominations list with Cleo is Kenya’s Annabel who had four under her belt.
Feza said that Annabel was the weakest link and wasn’t very loyal and Bassey hated that she never cleaned up after herself when she was done cooking.
Pokello and Natasha find themselves in the danger zone again heading the Ruby house leaderboard with four nominations apiece. Also on the chopping block is Selly, who finds herself at the mercy of Africa after HoH Oneal sacrificed her to save Elikem.
What came as a major shock is when Nigeria’s Melvin, who had the power to save himself and place someone else in his place, decided to place his neck on the chopping block.
Whether this was a wise move or not, Sunday’s eviction show will tell.
Sierra Leone’s energetic Bassey and the Namibian beauty Dillish both made it through with no nominations.

Ruby Conspiracy
Halfway into the game it is still to be seen how the Ruby conspiracy headed by Botswana’s Oneal will play out. According to Oneal, the winner should come from his pack of Sulu, Angelo, Elikem and himself. So far, the quartet’s plot is on course, with all the Ruby females up for eviction. How loyal to the cause the clique will remain  however is yet to be seen factoring in the Diamond phenomenon.
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