BBA: Who is Chasing Who?

Windhoek – One would agree with me that there is never a dull moment in Biggie’s house, regardless of the weekly evictions, because Big Brother Africa The Chase only gets better.
After an eventful week, Chasemates are rewarded with a Chanel O party, which is a must watch ‑ considering all the drama that occurs.
The past week Chasemates got the shock of their lives when Biggie brought fake Emerald housemates to the Saturday night party. The Chasemates tensed up for a while but soon got back to their old selves.
Not to be outdone, Angelo and Beverley added to the drama with an escapade that stunned Pokello and Elikem only for Bassey to interrupt.
Ah Sulu, Sulu, Sulu, I didn’t know mosquitoes germinate. But big up to your fight against malaria!
What’s more exciting is the fact that come Friday the two houses Diamond and Ruby merge and to throw a spanner in the works Biggie will also bring in six fake Emerald housemates who will stay until the end of the show. All this is to spice up the drama.
Surely, Biggie knows how to keep viewers glued to their screens.
It must be extremely uncomfortable sharing a roof with someone you don’t get along with, and one hopes that the peace that Elikem and Oneal brokered between their girls, Pokello and Feza, would hold ‑ at least until the Friday merger.
The beef seems to run deep though as Feza and Pokello nominated each other despite the peace pact. Who’s fooling who ladies?
Meanwhile, the last eviction show was totally unpredictable and left viewers open-mouthed. Who would have thought that Natasha “Mama Africa” would leave the BBA house after permanently featuring on the eviction list and surviving? One wonders what soured her romance with Africa.
Natasha will, however, be remembered for her interesting and amazing show, which took place every Saturday afternoon titled “The Natasha Show”.
The show helped viewers know and understand housemates even better as they shared all sorts of things about their lives.   
Natasha’s departure closed the chapter for Malawi, as we bade farewell to that country’s other representative, Fatima, a week earlier.
Selly from Ghana was the fourteenth housemate to leave the house alongside Natasha. She said she was disappointed to learn that Botswana’s Oneal had swapped her after she had saved him when she was HoH. However, she understands that it is a game and that he did what he had to do.
On the list for possible eviction are Pokello who topped the Ruby list with four nominations. Her nomination is no surprise at all, as she has become a regular on the hit list.
Another regular is Annabel, who tops the Diamond list ‑ also with four votes to her name, followed by Namibia’s Dillish, who is slowly but surely becoming a regular as well.
South Africa’s Angelo also finds himself in the hot seat after Ruby HoH, Sulu, saved Elikem. Sierra Leone’s energetic and playful Bassey is up for the very first time since he entered the game through a replacement after Diamond HoH, Bimp, saved himself. Only Sunday will tell what metal the debutant is made of.
This nomination list is by far the most unpredictable as all the nominees are strong contenders.
Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia still enjoy full representation in the game and all are safe this week at least. One can only see an interesting finish to this eventful game.
Africa keep voting for your favourite mates to secure them a place in the finals. ‑ Mercy Kakujaha and

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