NAMAS undergo drastic changes

Windhoek – The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) have undergone major changes to address various challenges faced in the past.
Previously, the judges had a 70 percent say while the public had a 30 percent say on who gets to be crowned winner of a certain category.
The new format has been designed such that good quality sounds get due recognition, while the public will have exclusive say in four categories – three of them new categories.
According to Tim Ekandjo, the MTC Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer, “It is a fact that the public vote is not always informed by quality but by popularity and we, therefore, do not want to disadvantage artistes with good quality sounds that might not have the fan base.
“We have, therefore, taken an executive decision that going forward the judges will have a 100 percent vote.”
However, the public still has a 100 percent say in the Song of the Year Category. The public will also have a 100 percent say in a new category: Most Popular Artiste of the Year, as it not necessarily decided by the quality of the music.
In the past, nominees to the awards decided on the Most Disciplined Artiste of the Year but under the new format, the public will decide.
Music fans will also exclusively decide on another new category, the Best Live Act, since live performance is a significant part of the music entertainment business and of the livelihood of artistes in Namibia.
Another new category is the Most Socially Responsible Artiste, whereby the artiste will not be required to submit a song or entry but will be required to list exactly what they have done and the organisers will verify.
In another new development, the number of entries that anyone, group or duo can enter themselves into has now been limited to ensure better management of entries as well as to allow traditional artistes in certain genres to compete too.
Single artistes will be limited to two music categories only, excluding nominations for Best Male or Female Artiste of the Year, Best Music Video, Best Radio Song of the Year along with all the public vote categories. Besides, the legitimate producer of the song should consent to the entry to avoid conflicts between artistes and producers.
Meanwhile, Ekandjo announced that there would be auditions for MCs and category presenters to offer everybody an opportunity to be part of these awards.
“The auditions will commence this year so that we are able to select our main host and presenters early enough to be able to work with them over time and to ensure that they are ready for the occasion,” said Ekandjo.
Due to the increase in categories and the already lengthy show, the 2014 NAMAs event will be spread over Friday and Saturday.
“We have introduced the NAMAs Gala Awards on Friday evening before the main event, Ekandjo said, adding that these would be more of industry-focused awards.  
The gala awards would be held at a different venue and will be glamorous and cinema style with performances just like the main event where concentration will be on more or less mainstream awards such as Radio Song of the Year.
Call for entries this year will be from November 1 to December 5.

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