BBA: Battle Lines drawn

Windhoek ‑ Another week filled with anxiety, drama, gossip and fun has gone by and we are down to 12 housemates – it is now all business and no play, as the competition nears its end.
While the merging of the houses was met with much excitement as friends and lovers were reunited, for some the merger marked the crumbling of well-thought out plots. Oneal for one was visibly disappointed and my guess is that he probably feels that his strategy has been messed up and he sure feels pressured and threatened now more than ever. The earlier he finds his bearings the better though as time and tide wait for no man.
I have to admit that the fake Emerald housemates are amazing at putting up a show; they are simply doing it effortlessly. They have certainly rattled the cage, one can only imagine what would have become of Pokello and Elikem with Evava on the scene had Pokello lasted a while longer. My fear though is that the Emeralds could give themselves away sooner than later if the stage work continues at the current pace.
Lovebirds, South Africa’s Angelo and Nigeria’s Beverley, seemed the happiest after the merger and wasted no time to declare the three little words. One hopes they would not be Evava’s target after the premature termination of her mission to shake the Pokello and Elikem twosome.
On the chopping block are Ghana’s Elikem, Annabel and Sulu. Elikem seems to be a strong contender for The Chase crown, at least according to some of the Chasemates hell bent on seeing his demise. The Chasemates have handed up Annabel for eviction again, this after Africa has saved her many times before. One wonders for how much longer she would last in the House. Sulu, meanwhile, finds himself on the chopping block after Bimp saved Cleo and put him up instead. Cleo surely deserves a break after a string of nominations but she could be in with a chance if she reins in her tongue. Sunday will tell if Sulu can shake off the curse of replacement that has claimed the scalps of many before him.
Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia remain unscathed and Bimp could be on a mission to unnerve them by sacrificing Sulu, one of the viewers’ favourites.
Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s “fashionista” Pokello and Sierra Leone’s ever-hyper Bassey were ejected from the game last week, spelling the end of The Chase for the two countries.  Pokello gracefully bowed out after an umpteenth nomination, while Bassey was booted out through a replacement by his best buddy, Bimp. He was tasting nomination for the first time. Bassey undoubtedly injected a lot of life into the House since he set foot into the show eight weeks ago.
Besides the drama and entertainment packed in the House, the Chasemates have surely redefined the word “threat”. Chasemates that are seen as “threats” are being booted out of the game one by one, and yet real threats are lying under the radar and have evaded nomination week after week. It would not be surprising to see those least considered as threats scoop the prize.

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