Abortion: Operation murder baby

With many governments and countries seriously considering “medical abortion” and others banning or criminalising the act, abortion is no longer an individual decision but a more all-inclusive one.  
Ministers of health and gender and senior government officials from Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia recently met and made a commitment to tackle the high number of deaths of women due to unsafe and crude abortion and maternal mortality in Africa.
Essentially what this means is that, there are now safe ways of allowing murder and other unsafe ways of committing the same crime.
Since there does not seem to be a standard rule globally, some individual countries seem to be taking a laid-back approach, waiting for others to swim first and hope to learn from their mistakes while others are putting up laws that legitimise mass murder. 
And while other countries are comparing themselves among themselves, only a handful of voices are acting in a good conscience and crying out the truth in the wilderness.
With convictions from statistics revealing that 16 million teenage girls have unplanned pregnancies, that 42 million pregnancies are terminated annually globally and 95 percent of these being done in developing countries, abortion seems to be justified.
The problem that l have noted in all the cases surrounding abortion is the anticipation for the worst case scenario before the baby is born and the loud announcements of all the negative things that could occur.
Statements such as “what if the baby is born with a disability” or “what if the mother dies during child birth and other worst case scenarios”.
The only “what ifs” that are not asked are “what if that baby becomes the next Einstein” or “what if he/she becomes the next Bill Gates”, “what if it actually makes it and does not die or have any complications as had been predicated by the doctor”.  
Provisions such as Article 14 of the Maputo Protocol that provides and authorises “medical abortion for women who have been raped or where pregnancy endangers the woman's health”
“Medicalised abortion” is a practical example of pampering the prediction of the “worst” happening.
No matter how justified or how much individuals convince themselves or whitewash it, abortion in whatever facet presented is murder, legalised or not.   
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), restrictive abortion laws contribute to the high rate of maternal mortality, as women tend to end their pregnancies illegally and unsafely.
Interestingly, the legal and safe abortion statistics prove that not quite a lot of truth is presented accurately about abortion procedures.
One of the facts that are being hidden is that women can actually die from such “medicalised abortions” and other legalised forms of abortion.
Risks involved include excessive bleeding, damage to the entrance of the womb and damage to the womb.   
One of most important facts that you will not hear very often is the growth of the baby occurring in the womb just before the abortion and that the foetus is actually a living human
On day 22 after the egg is fertilised, the baby’s heartbeat starts and the child starts developing his or her own blood type that is different from its mother.
On week three, the baby’s backbone, spinal column and nervous system are forming. The liver, kidneys and intestines also start to take shape.
On the fourth week, the embryo has a head, backbone and limb bud – which will eventually become arms and legs.
The beginnings of ears and eyes are also visible. While other organs are forming fast, the umbilical cord starts to grow between the embryo and the placenta.
During this time, the embryo is especially sensitive to any drugs or infections capable of crossing the placenta from the mother.
Within six weeks into the pregnancy, the mouth, brain waves are detectable and by week 8 the unborn child can hear and develops a separate fingerprint.
This, therefore, dispels the notion that abortion is the elimination of a hunk of tissue but that it is a human being and this is just a small portion of what happens within the first weeks and this just proves that abortion is actually killing a living being.
Thus, there should be no justification for the killing of innocent lives whether for medical purpose or not. Options such as adoption are slowly being ignored. This, therefore, goes to show that there are financial gains from abortion.
While some women are raped or have babies through incest ‑ reasons often advanced as justification ‑ giving up the child for adoption would be a better option than murdering a baby.  
With pro-abortion groups in the United States, funded by Western donors easily finding their way into African countries are ripe for the hit.
As long as an opportunity for the legalisation of any form of abortion is present, there are huge bucks to be made.
If African countries are not careful, abortion will become a major problem that literally thrives on the murdering of unborn babies and the disturbing of young pregnant women.
Because contraceptive use is the surest way to prevent unintended pregnancy and reduce the need for abortion, programs and policies that improve women’s and men’s knowledge of, access to and use of contraceptive methods should be established and strengthened.
August 2013
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