BBA: ‘Ladies only’on the Block

Windhoek – Only eight of the original 28 housemates drawn from 14 countries who walked into the eighth edition of Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Africa, are still standing.

Of the 14 countries, only Nigeria still enjoys full representation at this crucial stage of the game and by the look of things both Chasemates could be headed for the final showdown.

It is amazing how Nigeria’s Beverly has evaded nomination week in, week out, considering how far the game has come. In fact, since she is HoH, it is safe to say that her seat in the finals is guaranteed. Beverly’s countrymate, Melvin, is equally safe and has also evaded eviction save for one time that he selflessly put himself up, thereby endearing himself with Africa.

With the question “who will make it to the top five?” on everyone’s lips, I bet my last dollar these two are good material not only for the top five but also for the prize money.

Judging from the calibre of candidates Nigeria has been bringing to the show, that country surely uses the right formula to pick its representatives. We have extremes characters from that country – from the wildest to the most humble ‑ yet there is something that sets them apart. Something that is worth emulating.

Meanwhile, the game has definitely shifted a gear, and it is now all about strategy and playing the game the best way possible.

Like every other week, the past week was filled with fun, laughter and playful tasks, which guaranteed housemates a 100 percent wager victory, thanks to Oneal’s artistry.

Unfortunately, the Botswana representative, Oneal, could not enjoy the sweet victory with the axe hanging over his and his Tanzanian heartthrob, Feza’s heads. And the axe did descend on him, as he was the latest housemate to leave the house.

This week it is a lady’s week, with hot trio of Tanzania’s pretty Feza leading the board with four votes, followed by Zambia’s Cleo, who has three votes, and Namibia’s Dillish-ious, who once again finds herself in the hot seat. Dillish is still in the dark ‑ though she has a gut feeling ‑ about her danger after she was put up through a replacement, when HoH Beverly sacrificed her to save Bimp.

Feza though admits she has lost focus and is not the person she used to be. Will she rue the day she met Oneal, who stole her heart and focus if that US$300 000 slips through her fingers? Only Africa can tell if she stands the chance to win and enjoy the best of both worlds.

However, if you have made it this far and still make it through nominations with zero votes, you have to consider yourself lucky. This time around South Africa’s Angelo and Nigeria’s Melvin have zero nominations to their names, how they do that beats me. Perhaps they are simply good players or maybe they are simply smart… You be the judge.

August 2013
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