Fanfare at PoN Festival

Windhoek ‑ The music, colourful costumes, diverse cultures and cuisines are just about the few aspects to describe Polytechnic’s 18th Cultural Festival held last week under the theme “Our theme, our pride, our future”.

The mood was undeniably inviting and made everyone present feel that they are at the right place. The sole purpose of the Cultural Festival is to bring cultures, tribes, nations and languages together.

“The difference in this year’s cultural festival is the level of excitement and vibe going around campus which one can feel just by walking and looking around,” expressed Gift Rukoro, 2nd year Bachelor of Economics student.

Polytechnic of Namibia Rector, Tjama Tjivikua, said: “The Cultural Festival at the Polytechnic of Namibia provides us with a moment every year where we, as the Polytechnic community, can come together and celebrate our different cultural heritage and diversity.” Adding that the festival is an important platform to share experiences and more importantly to learn from one another, to evolve out of our cultural shells, to cross mental barriers, overcome stigmas, make new friends and become better citizens.

Jerry Ekandjo, Namibia’s Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, who was the guest speaker at the festival had this to say: “Culture gives us a sense of price and a steady platform on which to build our future.  A nation without roots cannot cultivate a culture, a nation with pride has no self-esteem and a nation without a future has no direction.”

First National Bank Namibia (FNB) was the first bank to support this initiative since inception and is a partner for the past 14 years. 

Victoria Muranda, Corporate Communications, FNB said, “I trust that the Cultural Festival will continue to add value in the cultural aspect and will continuously drive innovation in the way the festival is celebrated.”

The highlight of the Festival was the Miss & Mr Poly, which took place on Friday. 

“My confidence and aura of beauty that I possess and which I believe I can use to influence and persuade people as an ambassador of goodwill is what motivated me to enter the competition,” said a jovial Fedrika Msati, 3rd year Accounting & Finance student, who was contesting in the pageant.


August 2013
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