The Judas Pact


Ayanda Mabulu, you have done the unspeakable, like so many of those counter-revolutionaries, mercenaries, drug dealers, gunrunners and warmongers – you have sold your African birthright … and yes, it is worse than all other acts of treachery. You have no shame at all, selling your criminal act, aso-called painting, to the owners of houses, only they dare describe as “art galleries”.

Together, you then go on to display cowardice, hiding behind over-managed “human rights”, “freedom of speech”, “freedom of expression” and a host of “freedoms”, including South Africa’s judiciary,which you then collectively exploit and hijack.

Mr Mabulu, you ride on the back of a tired Marikana debacle, which you most likely do not even fully understand,depicting it as “Yakhali‘inkomo – Black Man’s Cry”, displaying the Head of State and the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of South Africa and the ruling ANC, Jacob Zuma – at his age of 71 years, a father and grandfather – crushing the head of a striking mineworker under his foot, while Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles, look on from a gallery with blood dripping from the ANC emblem.

Shame on you, for you have sold your birthright for your five minutes of controversial infamy in the media limelight and a few pieces of silver.

In this context, you have denied yourself the inheritance of being an African, while posing as indigenous “African artist”. This country and this continent are no part of your mindset. You cannot call it your home. It is clear that the history of the ruling African National Congress and its sacrifices to rid South Africa and the Southern African region of – what the United Nations defined as a crime against humanity – are neither understood, nor respected.

President Jacob Zuma, as a cadre, a soldier and eventual head of the ANC Intelligence, stood his ground and fought colonial-apartheid at great cost. When urban warfare took over the townships in KwaZulu/Natal between 1992 and 1994 and beyond, it was Jacob Zuma who effectively brought that bloodletting to an end.

It also demonstrates that South African so-called art galleries and their sponsors including the banking industry do not have any interest in, and thus no respect for the culture, history and traditions of the indigenous African majority.

Their motto is profits, profits, and profits before anything else and at any cost.

By sponsoring and hosting such “art” exhibitions, it becomes clear that racism is far from over. National reconciliation has been reduced to an insulting and arrogant lie.

It is interesting how thunderously quiet opposition political parties and the likes of Desmond Tutu and the Chief Rabbi, Warren Goldstein, have been in both cases where President Zuma and the ANC have been ridiculed in public “art galleries” with the assistance of a hostile corporate mainstream media.

First, the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg’s northern suburb of Rosebank and now, at the FNB Joburg Art Fair, South Africa’s President has been insulted and ridiculed. Do these “church leaders” and the opposition political parties actually support racism and polarisation of South Africa? Is this freedom? Whose freedom is it really?

Why hide behind all these misnamed “freedoms”, an over-liberal constitution and a yet to be revised judiciary, when those “freedoms” were delivered at great cost by the same people you so cunningly discriminate against in the same way, colonial-apartheid did? This has turned democracy into the farce it is today.

It would be the responsible duty of all concerned citizens and the Tripartite Alliance to collectively take serious action now to ensure that such criminal and vulgar racism will never be repeated again. That disrespectful “art” exhibition at the FNB Joburg Art Fair and its organisers as well as all “art” galleries need to know and need to be made to understand that colonial-apartheid has its roots in the shameful murderous and discriminating historyof this country.

The photographer David Goldblatt should certainly know better. When he removed his photographic exhibition from that fair in protest at the organisers so-called “censorship” of Mabulu’s “artwork”, Goldblatt showed his true colours. It could put his lifelong work under a huge question mark.

He would have been much better off, had he kept his photographs at his home instead. Germany has rightfully outlawed any and every form of discrimination against Jews. It is indeed unnerving to note that with reliable continuity an aggressive right-wing neo-colonial-apartheid racist minority lobby living comfortably in South Africa, promotes the colonial-apartheid crime of fascist racism through some of the “art” galleries, whilst marketing it through the media under the guise of “democratic civil rights”.

Indeed, they know how much they benefitted from the colonial-apartheid past, how they assisted in the plunder of South and Southern Africa’s natural resources at huge cost of lives of the indigenous African majority to only enrich themselves and their structures abroad. They know exactly, who they are. Mind you, those same plunder-barons have not appeared in front of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and have thus, not been granted amnesty and have therefore no indemnity.

Yet, they have no shame to add insult to injury, displaying their collective primitive and arrogant disrespect for everything African.

Their massive financial, property, mining and other business interests, including the mass-sale of skin-lightening creams for stupid Africans based remain hugely profitable and very much protected. Their plunder-safari of the “Dark Continent” would have to come to its rightful end, the sooner the better. What gives them that confidence?

Until that chapter in this country’s shameful history has been firmly closed, this confusing and unnatural co-existence will always stand in the way of national reconciliation and stability. As a concerned and embarrassed citizen of this country, I would like to appeal to fellow non-racists and all structures in place, to deal with such heinously criminal disorders.

• Udo W. Froese is a political and socio-economic analyst and columnist, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His email address is and his Twitter handle is @theotherafrika. You can follow his work on


October 2013
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