The sky is just the beginning


IT is high time that Africans listen with an inner ear to the true import of the words spoken by some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers ever to grace this earth, writes RICHMORE TERA.

It is only when we reach that stage that we will be in a position to know that, “When there is no hope, it is incumbent upon us to invent it”, as celebrated philosopher and writer, Albert Camus, once put it. The time for Africa to be able to realise her full potential is when she discards her hopelessness by creating hope out of the abundant resources that are inherent in her ‑ both human and inanimate.

Camus' golden saying goes well along with what Zimbabwean motivational author, speaker and success coach, Nicholas Bhero, posits in his recently published book titled “The Sky is Just The Beginning: Rise and Pursue Your Dreams”.

The 132-page book jolts you from complacence and stimulates you to want to pursue your potential uttermost. Reading this book is a rewarding experience especially if you are that kind of person who has been looking only on the dark side of life.

I find it appropriate and suitable to the African set-up since it is the syndrome of this our beloved continent for people to always complain and complain about lack of progress, and when little of it, they sit on their little laurels, so to speak.

If you are one of those people who say you cannot do anything more because you have reached the sky, which is the limit, then Bhero is challenging you to have a re-think. He is simply saying, “You still have a long way to go since the sky is just the beginning. There are more opportunities beyond the sky than what you can imagine!”

Bhero says it is high time that you throw disillusionment and diffidence out of the window and put a spark in your life. For a start, what immediately  captures the attention and eye of the reader is the attractive cover of the book, with the front depicting a lone figure walking on the beach, with birds lining the edge of the rolling sea and the lady is walking in the  direction of the sun that is shining in the clear blue sky.

That image alone immediately tells loads of stories about the need to strive to reach and achieve our goals on the journey of life.

Again, this image evokes the wise words of poet and singer, Leonard Cohen, which say: “There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in”. In this book, Bhero shows us the cracks in our lives so that the light can get in and banish the darkness that stifles our progress.

In his “introduction”, the author dwells on the need for people to have a vision and develop a set of principles that will bring that vision to fruition. According to Bhero, talent alone is not enough if one lacks vision, goals and principles. He also says these should be in tandem with one other quintessential attribute, which is passion – the zest and zeal to do and achieve something until the dream is realised.

Bhero adds that it is with these traits that someone no longer views the sky as just the limit but merely the beginning of greater things in store beyond. “I saw many talented people going nowhere in life and organisations crumbling to nothing, sports personalities and business people dying in misery and celebrities becoming paupers. I saw children hopelessly going to college as if forced to. Men and women went to work more as a duty than a calling, as if they were forced to…

“I concluded, the conquest for a better life was a deeply embedded trait in every individual. The yearning and desire to live a better life could not be substituted for anything else…

“We need institutions where dreams and talents can be nurtured for the betterment of society. We ought to propagate ideas that will manifest in the next generation,” (pages 11 and 12).

Chapter One titled “Connecting with the Right People” unlocks the value in associating with the right people and also learning to appreciate the positive strengths and ideas that they possess and how one should develop a hunger and yearning for such attributes rub off onto them if they are to move forward in their march to progress. Bhero cites Proverbs 13:20 from the Bible to hammer his message home and he further expounds on it, writing:

“Your destiny is in someone else; the ability to relate well with those people will inevitably cause us to realise what those people have for us… “Knowing the right people can bring amazing results into the life of an endeavouring dreamer. What you know will take you to some level, but there are some dimensions up the ladder, which will require someone you know…” (page14).

The reader gets wiser with each chapter as the author progresses with his lucid and indispensable teachings, which he puts forward in a gripping way that doesn't dogmatise the reader. These chapters include “vision”, “investing in information”, “mentorship”, “finance,” among others. Bhero is also an entrepreneur and has attended conferences in various parts of the world.

October 2013
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