Raping Africa through the ICC



For the African Union to stand its ground and by Kenya’s democratically-elected Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta, and his deputy William Ruto, against Europe’s imperialist-colonial powers is indeed a job well done.

Congratulations to the AU Chair Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and her team!

Despite a reliably hostile corporate mainstream media and their established network in South Africa lobbying hard against the AU and for the continent’s re-colonisation through the ICC, the Commonwealth and foreign corporates, President Jacob Zuma too stands by the decision of a stronger union in accordance with the AU.  

It cannot be more blatant, more obvious, that the “former” imperialist-racist Western conquerors have set out to legalise their colonial conquest of African nations in order to legalise their plunder of the rich resources of the continent.

Neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism are very much part of the history of colonialism. In other words, it is the same old.

In addition to foreign satellite and military bases throughout the continent, the exclusive oligopolistic plunder-barons mustered their corporate mainstream media-cartels and their opposition politicians to unleash a gobal propaganda campaign.

Together, they attempt to lobby and intimidate Africa’s 34 signatories of the so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, The Netherlands in Europe. They are manipulated not to “turn their backs on the (ICC) court”.

It is noteworthy that those international Western lobbyists with their deep pockets and their tools are indeed fully aware of what they are doing and what they want to achieve … the ICC as well as Britain’s colonial Commonwealth to remain firmly in place, blessed with absolute powers over “those cannibals from the dark continent”. Now they want the African Union (AU) to underwrite their legal attempts with their hidden agendas, put together in bad faith, but dressed up as “ending a culture of impunity in African politics”.

Their heartless and godless greed knows no bounds.

First, with their Bible and their guns the imperialist robber barons colonise the “dark, barbaric, uncivilised and un-Christian” continent, wiping out whole peoples.

At the imperial-colonialist summit in Berlin from 1884-1885, Africa’s borders were drawn up. Shamelessly, they successfully split whole nations into two and more countries.

To entrench their policy of divide and rule, they assisted African leaders in the period after World War II to de-colonise in the 1950s up to the mid-1990s.

Many of those African leaders were men and women of their picking, putting an African face to Western control. Such leaders were compromised from the onset and have to dance to the tune of their puppet masters to date.

To keep checks and balances, foreign colonial interests orchestrate, guide and finance civil-, rebel-, and tribal wars, structured abject poverty and genetically modified “food”, genocide and xenophobia in Africa.

By now in 2013, the AU together with the UN have no option, but to declare structured poverty a crime against humanity, as it is an integral part of colonial-apartheid-UDI.

It is based among others, on organised crime and of late, on a so-called “North African-style Arab Spring” with subsequent “regime changes”. Again, it is the same old, where “democracy” and “national reconciliation” are mere farce.

All African Union members need to stand their ground in unity now more than ever in their struggle against the imperialist-racist-colonial forces, re-taking the African continent. It was the goal of the Dutch based European-ICC to target particularly, if not only Africa, ignoring crimes elsewhere.

Rightfully, sovereign African states and their AU would be concerned. 

If the ICC succeeds to indict Kenya’s President and his Deputy, it would make history in discrediting and overruling sovereign, independent African states. Indeed, Africa would then be legally colonised.

Remember, when Liberia’s President Charles Taylor stepped down, ending the war in his country and going into exile in Nigeria? African Heads of State signed an official agreement which provided for Taylor’s exile in Nigeria under President Olusegon Obasanjo.

African leaders, including Obasanjo and South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki, signed the agreement. The war in Liberia came to an end.

But one telephone call from US President George W Bush to Obasanjo as he was about to take off from Abuja for Washington DC reduced that African agreement to something worth less than the paper it was written on.

Obasanjo released Taylor to Sierra Leone from where he was transferred to The Hague.

Remember, how an accused war criminal and accomplished liar such as Britain’s former Prime Minister and JP Morgan global agent, Tony Blair, breached the international Lancaster House Agreement of 1979, implementing crippling economic sanctions against Zimbabwe?

He and his US counterpart, George W Bush, worked hard to put Zimbabwe under illegal sanctions bring the economy and currency down.

The UN Security Council never approved Britain, the US and their club’s sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Rightfully, AU members and most of the 34 signatories to the ICC, ask, “Why are the US, UK, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and the EU not signatories to the ICC?” And, “Why do real war criminals such as former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, former US Presidents George Bush Sr and his son, George Bush Jr and their inner circles, former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary Rodham Clinton and their inner circles, Israel’s head of state, Benjamin Netanyahu; the owners of powerful global banks; the armaments industry; the oil cartel and many more of that ilk, never appear in front of the ICC, nor any other court of law?”

Meanwhile, the local media reported that Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe met with Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, Jan Bjorklund, on October 11, 2013 in Tshwane, jointly chairing a bi-national commission.

Motlanthe explained rather diplomatically, “The AU was not saying, withdraw the charges (against Kenya’s President and his Deputy), because there is a commitment that those who may have committed offences must be brought to book.”

Well, that can be interpreted in many ways, of course, if the media reported it correctly and in context. 

The international Western media applauded US-EU NATO’s criminal “humanitarian bombing” of the North African state of Libya. As is known, NATO did not have to answer the ICC for its mass murder of African people.

• Udo W Froese is a political and socio-economic analyst and columnist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His Twitter handle is @theotherafrika, and you can follow his blog at theotherafrika.wordpress.com

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