Zambia revokes copper export order


Zambia’s President Michael Sata has ordered the revocation of a statutory instrument (SI) that lifted 10 percent export duty and allowed Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to export copper concentrates to South Africa.

The President said at State House last week that SI Number 89 of 2013 should be revoked because Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda was wrongly advised into signing it and that it is depriving Zambians of their resources.

President Sata summoned Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner-General Berlin Msiska and Commissioner of Customs Dingani Banda to the cabinet meeting to explain how the SI and ordered them to revoke the SI.

“The two of you get out of this meeting (cabinet), go and prepare the revocation of this statutory instrument… Go and have done it,” he said. President Sata said it was inconceivable that KCM was being allowed to export tomes of soil without anyone knowing what was in the trucks, assuming on face value that it contained copper ore.

The Head of State and Government asked Commissioner of Customs Banda to explain how the SI was issued.

Banda said the SI came following concerns that stockpiled ore concentrates were just sitting when the state could get revenue from exporting them.

But President Sata queried if the proceeds from the sales were returning to Zambia after the minerals had been processed. He then asked Banda how old he was and he responded that he was 40. Banda responded: “I am 40 years old Your Excellency.” President Sata asked again, “Are you 40 years or 48 years?”

When Banda reiterated that he was 40-years-old, President Sata remarked: “You are much younger than me and you are supposed to be more reasonable than me.” President Sata said if blacks had died in the 1949 mine strikes so that Zambians today could enjoy the benefits from extraction of their resources.

“You do not value that, that is why you do not have hair on your head. If you do not have hair and if you cannot look after your own hair, which people can you look after? People died for this country to maintain you people, useless people,” he said. – Zambia Daily Mail

November 2013
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