Apps for Creativity


Using smartphones and tablets is a big help for every creative person with their business in mind and here is the collection of apps that can help in unleashing that creative spark everyone has inside.

These Apps are listed in no particular order and most are available for iphone, ipad and Android


First help for creative person, it is a cross-device easy-to-use app, which stores your notes, photos, to-do lists and makes it all searchable and accessible from web, smartphone or tablet.

My Price

Trying to figure out how much to charge clients can be stressful. This app helps keep new freelancers up to snuff on what price they should be charging clients. My Price not only helps you figure out pricing information — it shares three very helpful tips each week.

You need to register before using this app, and you will need to enter information required before it can give you an accurate price, but it’s a better option than having to find other freelancers with your exact skills and experience before you know what to charge.


• Clear 

Nice-looking list-keeping app that is really simple, quick and easy to use, no matter if you are creating notes or to-do lists.


• AppGratis

This app is so useful and popular among Android users that it was taken down from the Apple Store. AppGratis is an Android-only app that searches for and notifies the user of daily free applications, ranging from enjoyable to educational.

Upon installation, AppGratis automatically begins notifying the Android user of free apps on a daily basis. 

Hitting this notification takes the user to the easily manoeuvrable AppGratis interface, which gives the name and description of the app that is currently being advertised. 

It also keeps a catalog of old apps that may still be free using AppGratis, in case you missed a day. A great way to find new, useful apps free of charge, AppGratis is a must-have for the modern technology buff, opening the doors to new experiences within the electronic world each and every day.


• WorkSnug

Because new places spark new ideas, use this app to locate laptop-friendly workplaces in major cities around the globe.


• Creative Whack Pack

Set of funny cards, which should provoke your thinking. It contains 84 interactive creative strategies, which should stimulate creative thinking.


• Unleash Your Creativity

Well, I have to confess, that this is the app that I created, but I really use it often. Quick intro should be: A help for every creative person who needs a guide on how to create/reshape/finish ideas with advices and place to store your notes.


• MindTools 

Useful app with lot of content. It’s a guide not only for creativity, but also for other business skills such as leadership, strategy, project management and problem solving.


• Oflow 

Set of more than 100 ways to get you into the creative flow. Also containing notes, reminders and favourite sections with possibility to flag, browse and email favourites.


• Innovate 

All posts from Innovation Excellence in one app. Other highlighted sections are TED videos, AC Podcasts and FastCompany News, but also other content such as Business Week, or The99% are available.


• The Brainstormer

This funny and nice-looking app combines three spinning wheels with plot/conflict, theme/setting and subject/location. After spinning the wheels, generated combination make creative inspiration very simply.


• Caustic 2

If you want to create digital music with your Android smartphone or tablet, check out Caustic 2. It is a versatile application that includes a number of synthesizers, samplers, and a sequencer – quite a lot of stuff for a free piece of software. 


• iBrainstorm 

Multi-device collaboration tool for brainstorming which is used like a pinboard with sticky notes and ability to draw. So, ideas can be written and organised as groups and projects.


• Behance Network: Creative Portfolios & Galleries

This is maybe different then all previous apps… By browsing through the hundreds of galleries of highly talented persons, you can be inspired for new ideas. Also, everyone can build up their portfolio as well.

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