Minister Moyo commends The Southern Times


Zimbabwe’s Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has commended The Southern Times

Prof Moyo made the remarks recently during a meeting with the NamZim board at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare.

NamZim is a partnership between Zimbabwe Newspapers and Namibia’s New Era Publication Corporation.

“We hear that institutions of higher learning are finding The Southern Times content useful because it is providing thoughtful analysis of the geo-political situation in the region.

“That thoughtful analysis is an alternative view of the neo-liberal view coming from publications in South Africa, which continue to disseminate Western views,” Prof Moyo said.

Prof Moyo said The Southern Times was the only newspaper that promotes the views of the region.

“We hear more and more, especially from institutions of higher learning, colleges, universities and polytechnics, that The Southern Times is beginning to fill in that space. It is our region’s political voice,” he said.

NamZim acting general manager, Gwen Snyders, briefed Prof Moyo on the challenges facing the newspaper, including lack of funds.

She attributed the situation to low revenue collection from advertising.

Snyders said the newspaper was doing well in countries like South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. She said there were plans to expand into Angola and other SADC countries.

Zimpapers group chief executive and NamZim board member, Justin Mutasa, said the board was going to work tirelessly for the growth of the newspaper.

“The board wishes to see the paper grow in the region as per our mandate,” Mutasa said.

The meeting was attended by Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, new NamZim board chairman Tarah Shaanika, Zimpapers group chief operating officer and group editor-in-chief and NamZim board member Pikirayi Deketeke and other NamZim board members who included Bernadette Menyah-Artivor, Franna Kavari and Dr Audrin Mathe, the CEO of New Era. – The Herald

December 2013
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