Skin impurities and daily exposure to sunlight can cause dark marks and pigmentation that make you feel self-conscious.  Skin takes weeks to recycle, be patient and stay vigilant and consistent with your skin care regime.  

Stress is a major cause of adult acne because adrenal glands over-produce androgens- male hormones present in both men and women, causing oil glands to well and pimples to pop up.  Some handle stress better than others due to inbuilt personality traits.  A healthy self-esteem, optimism and a sense of self- control over your life can be natural advantages, as can the ability to manage the way you express emotions such as anger or hostility.  

On the day before your big presentation, or your wedding, give your skin a nice chemically enhanced chill-out.  Lather up with an acne-fighting cleanser, pinpointing acupressure points- the temples, the sides of the nose and the front of the forehead – as you go.  

Genetics – if your parents had acne, odds are you will too.  Some women have pimples that arrive like clockwork once a month.   This is probably due to the natural hormone fluctuations that occur at different points during your menstrual cycle.   A precarious balance of male and female hormones, keeps your skin blemish-free.   Use a salicylic-acid-containing cleaner, like Ponds clear solutions anti-spot facial scrub. 

Food- heavy refined sugar creates a surge in the secretion of insulin and can trigger breakouts.  Oily skinned individuals may be more prone to food-related acne because the sebum production is already high, so it doesn’t take much to tip the balance. Sugar-free snacks or fruit (fresh or dried) will release some insulin but not nearly as much as sweets

Even if you steer clear of sugar, waist-watching lean-protein meals could also be triggering your breakouts.  Dairy consumption may be linked to adult acne.  The added hormones in the dairy and meat may have something to do with it.  One can switch to organic, hormone-free milk, cheese, chicken and eggs, as well as sushi.  Many young women notice a flare-up of their acne after eating raw fish, shellfish, and soy sauce.  There is no exact cause but it’s very likely to be related to the high levels of iodides in these foods.  Be sure to be getting enough whole grains, and nuts like almonds, or try a vitamin supplement if all else fails.

Always on your phone- When you hold your phone against your skin for a long time, you limit the passage of oil out of your pores, increasing the tendency to form blackheads and whiteheads.   Be sure to switch ears every few minutes during a call.   Gently wipe your phone down every few days with a benzoyl peroxide pad. 

Acne cosmetic- results in a breakout caused by a beauty product.   The solution is all about reading labels.   Avoid products with occlusive ingredients like petrolatum, lanolin, sesame oil and cocoa butter, which trap bacteria beneath them when piled too heavily on the skin. Your skin can only fight one battle at a time.   If you break out, you should treat it as your number one priority and prevent spots from forming which could lead to blemishes and dark marks. 

Apply a powerful-eradicating gel before bed could double your chances of waking up pimple- free.  When you take care of your body, you will look and feel great. Always cleanse to purify with alpha or beta hydroxyl acids daily, exfoliate so fresh skin surfaces with products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, and moisturise for a healthy glow. 

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