Zim’s flawed opposition politics


That the senseless and shameless sanctioned Elton Mangoma mugging by members of his party is appalling and disturbing is a euphemism. Zimbabwe is endowed with irreparable oppositional imperfections with the current tragic unravelling within the ranks being affidavit to the inevitable lasting malfunction.

The Achilles heel of Zimbabwe politics is a lack of an authentic, relevant and effective opposition to the ruling revolutionary party. The void this shortfall creates has the negative consequences of any ruling party becoming content with short-changing the electorate. A credible opposition is there to keep this complacency in check by critically challenging the privation induced by the short-comings of the government.

The Zimbabwe opposition has been entirely dishonest and concocted counterfeit claims of democracy, rule of law and civil liberties to lure the unsuspecting electorate. 

These indeed were substance-defunct proclamations from the dishonourable and morally unconscious collective oppositional Machiavellian machinations. Mangoma’s democratic right and civil liberties were asphyxiated by the very democratic hand the Zimbabwean opposition claims to be the foundation of their western funded and founded “ideology”.

Instead of grilling the ruling party about the recent revelations about the sleaze and salary scandals the opposition would rather pounce on one of their own for rightly calling for leadership renewal and party revamp.  An opposition with sobriety acts as trouble-shooters as opposed to mere spectators who concern themselves with the frivolities of supplementing futile bedroom bareness and sampling the sumptuous trappings of their imagined ‘success’ and political celebrity status.

Political violence is a malady, an ailment of those with misguided and misplaced loyalties and will be used to push forward the interests and agendas of the powerful, the internal and external players with inauspicious grounds and misdirected fidelities. 

All people have a right to life, all people deserve respect and the haunting images of a battered and bruised Mangoma with his shirt tattered is one of the most despairing moments in Zimbabwean politics.

There is no smooth side to killing, there is no painless side to violence, there is no excuse for acts of violence; there is no better or worse violence and all perpetrators walk the same line in the eyes of the recipients of the vile acts. Violence in politics must never be downplayed as there are innocent victims and misguided perpetrators. 

A machete’s slicing affliction bears the same revulsion whether it’s inter-party or intra-party violence.

 There is no way of separating the two unfortunate and irresponsible immoralities.

The disconnection with the grassroots and discord within the opposition structures is testimony to the inadequacy that defines the depth of the current opposition in Zimbabwe.  The opposition willingly succumbed and indulged in the politics of the elite and entitlement during the tenure of the government of national unity and their starry-eyed connection with a neo-colonial configuration which seeks to relegate the Zimbabwean indigene to perpetual subjugation has eroded their credibility. 

The opposition in Zimbabwe is a coalition of the deluded democrats and conniving colonial and neo-colonial point-men. Seeking to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle is the opposition’s raison d’être, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

The ironic thing is that, in Zimbabwe the opposition has incessantly and freely called for the removal of President Mugabe, and Morgan Tsvangirai even called for “Mugabe to be violently removed from power” and he remains intact to impotently engage in his national and bedroom transgressions. 

The moment one from within his ranks peacefully called for Tsvangirai to resign, the daggers were drawn and Mangoma was shamelessly degraded and pummelled to a pulp for it. Now that is the depressing nature of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

The disingenuous external media of those with the illegal fascination on Zimbabwe would most definitely have gone into a frenzy had this violence been apportioned to the side whose recalcitrance to their neo-liberal and imperial agenda they find revolting. The regrettable reality is that the opposition in Zimbabwe was built on false and flimsy foundations and the unfolding domino effect we are witnessing will only intensify as the opposition slides towards the unavoidable permanent political blackout.

The opposition in Zimbabwe has been structurally and strategically warped from formation and their continued anchorage of a neocolonial agenda renders it with a lack of gravitas and credibility. 

The Western-funded and founded show is finally approaching its finale and the marionette strings are dangling with anticipatory annihilation.  

As the opposition continue with the dishonorable descend into self-induced political comatose the ruling revolutionary party continue to ascend with practical and patriotic precision.

President Mugabe calling for ‘decisive action’ against those convicted of corruption is reassuring and the country’s vision remains intact as long as the tackling of the sleaze remains genuine and those incriminated are prosecuted accordingly. 

As we bid farewell to the courier extension of the crafty neocolonial project there is a renewed guarantee that the founding principles and the core of the country’s vision remains absolute and fortified with a feisty fidelity. – newzimbabwe.com

• Bernard Bwoni can be contacted on bernardbwn@aol.com/ http://www.bernardbwoni.blogspot.co.uk/

February 2014
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