West’s regime change agenda exposed in Venezuela and Ukraine


The political crisis in Venezuela has the stench of a regime change agenda being plotted by the United States to unseat President Nicolas Maduro, who succeeded the late President Hugo Chavez.

Violence against the democratically elected government of President Maduro started on February 12 and has left some people dead while others were wounded. The protests followed peaceful marches marking the 200th anniversary of the battle of La Victoria in which students played a key role in triumph against royalist forces during Venezuela’s struggle for independence.

Over the last decade or so, Washington and its Western allies have used the regime change agenda strategy in Zimbabwe, Libya, Iran, and Syria to oust administrations opposed to imperialism and neo-colonialism. They succeeded in Libya but have been met with steadfast resistance in Zimbabwe, Iran and Syria.

In Venezuela, the anti-government protestors took advantage of the anniversary marches to demonstrate against shortages of some basic goods, crime and demand the release of students who had been arrested in earlier demonstrations.

The violent protestors hope that the demonstrations will see the fall of President Maduro’s government as wished by the United States and its Western allies. The Washington administration and the capitalist Western media want the world to believe that President Maduro’s government is cracking down on peaceful protestors yet there is evidence of the demonstrators using rocks and fire to attack the police.

Political analysts argue that the way the demonstrations in Venezuela are being done is similar to those used in Libya to overthrow the government of Muammar Gaddafi.

The situations between Libya and Venezuela could be different but they expose the stinking imperialist strategy used by the United States to topple administrations deemed to be opposed to Washington’s policies.

“Imperialism uses hidden hands to instigate incidents in countries that take anti-imperialist stands. Then it uses its media and official spokespersons to make things look to the rest of the world as if they are other than they are, demonising the actual victims,” writes Pan Africanist activist Netfa Freeman, in an opinion published in this issue.

The protests began in Washington DC at the Venezuela Embassy, where all white privileged Venezuelans demonstrated against the Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, before they spread to Venezuela.

Across the road at the embassy, an ethnically mixed group of mostly Latino, Black, and White showed their support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Washington DC demonstrations show the US government’s hidden agenda because the elite Venezuelans residing in the US want to regain domination over political and economic processes. They are against the socialist policies left by President Chavez, which his successor President Maduro continues to promote for the benefit of the majority of people in Venezuela.

Washington blew its cover when a State Department spokesperson issued a statement expressing concern over the situation in Venezuela and the issuing of a warrant of arrest against the right wing opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Lopez of the Voluntad Popular had a role in the short-lived coup against former President Chavez in 2002 and is now calling for intensified demonstrations and for President Maduro to step down.

The situation in Venezuela is similar to the recent protests in Ukraine where Western imperialists are orchestrating the destabilisation of the government of Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych refused to sign a European Union Association Agreement that would have driven a wedge between Ukraine and Russia. This is despite resistance by many European Union members, who are against the agreement. Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, and Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, are among those pushing for the agreement and are both well-known in the EU to be close to Washington.

United States is pushing strongly for Ukraine to sign the agreement in a bid to weaken Russia and Ukraine has just discovered evidence that the Kiev protests had the involvement of Washington. Pamphlets similar to those used by US-financed Canvas organisers in the 2011 Cairo Tahrir Square protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak and opened the door to the US-backed Muslim Brotherhood have been found with opposition protestors in Ukraine.

As Freeman argues, the West “has perfected this regime change strategy of causing unrest in places to get the target governments in question to react with violent repression”.

It then instigates social media and news media reports that accuse and depict the said governments of being aggressors in the hope to scheme machinations towards their ultimate goal.

February 2014
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