Zambia a model of Africa’s growth


Lusaka –There are many developing countries in Africa whose economies are rapidly growing and Zambia is a good example of that rapid growth on the continent, says Finnish Ambassador to Zambia, Pertti Anttinen.

In an interview on the Southern African state that has in recent months faced various tribulations, economically and politically, Anttinen says Zambia is a good example of a rapidly growing economy in Africa and that efforts being made to grow Zambia's economy should be upheld if more people are to benefit.

Zambia is one of the rapidly growing economies in Africa. It is a good example of the change that is taking place in Africa, Anttinen said in an interview with The Southern Times when he introduced Finnish journalists visiting Zambia recently.

“It's a model country and that is why it was a good idea that we brought our journalists here.”

Anttinen said Zambia's peace had greatly contributed to the country's continued economic transformation, adding that this had made it easy for other countries to channel their investments into the country.

He said the Finnish government felt safe to invest in Zambia because of the cordial relations that the two countries have shared for many years.

“There is a lot of business potential and the whole relation with Europe and Finland in particular is changing.

“It used to be about financing projects but it's now more about equal partnerships and there is more people to people culture. So this is the kind of situation that we wanted our journalists to know about this country,” said Anttinen.

And Mervi Selanne, news editor at Finland's third biggest newspaper Iltalehti, said coming to Zambia for the first time was an eye-opener because the reality was different from what was portrayed in the international media.

“We hear so many bad stories about Zambia and Africa as a whole but this is a beautiful country, continent with beautiful people,” said Selanne.

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