Bootie Cut Out Trend


The hottest trend spreading on these fashion police streets, is the cut out ankle boot. Sizzling for all seasons with any clothing item is a perfect match. All types of boots you can imagine with the slight sexy slit. It has been rumoured that they have been the popping up trend for the past two years now. It is said they officially made their first appearance way back in 2013. Debatable since Mary Kate Olsen was spotted few years before, in the Balenciaga Spring 2011 RTW Cut Out Boots. This ankle boot with an opening on the shank creates the cut out print effect. Giving it an edgy dramatic appeal.

It would be the normal thing to assume that cut out boots are for the casual wearer. You can look casual and slightly dressy with a leather black or even velvet cut out boot, as a cute accessory. You must always remember the whole point of this innovative design, is to exhibit the delicate, bold, eye-grabbing style. Boyfriend jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses for that cute tease. Not forgetting straight legs and oh yes! That skin tight skinny, a slight turn up at the hem to make sure the detail is out to play. Curious it might seem but it can be a shy one; that is why it needs motivation.

This look is not just only tough but it is adorable when told to be. A cute printed socky peeking out the cut outs, is a yes from the fashion police. You can go crazy with the socks, meaning you can be wearing the boot more than once a week. How practical is that? Tough or cute, bold or not. The question is, would you rock this look? Thinking of getting the look? – Jucy Africa

May 2014
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