Recognising the Innovators


Former President and the founding father Dr Sam Nujoma says entrepreneurship is the engine that drives economies, and that Namibia has vast opportunities to wipe out joblessness and poverty if government and private sector provide sufficient support to small businesses.

Speaking at the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI)’s 5th award ceremony for The Sam Nujoma Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Awards (SNIEDA), in Windhoek recently, Nujoma said the awards have grown from strength to strength.“Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone and lifeblood of a modern economy and each time we gather to recognise enterprise excellence, we bear witness to the strength of our economy,” Nujoma said.

In addition, Nujoma said the inclusive growth is the driving force for sustainable development and enterprises must, therefore, take advantage of opportunities created by expanded markets through regional and continental economic integration.

Nujoma called on all entrepreneurs to seek new models of growth and development that will ensure success and utilise human and natural resources.

He further called on producers and exporters of primary commodities to add value to products. 

Without economic development, Nujoma said, the country’s success will remain useless.

Special guest speaker and Indongo Group founder, Dr Frans Aupa Indongo, said he was delighted to be an event which honours the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as pays homage to those who have picked up the torch for the economic emancipation of our country.    

He told the guests that successful businesses are the cornerstone of the country’s prosperity and national hope.

“But successful businesses are in the hands of entrepreneurs who are the primary architects of its success,” he said. Indongo said starting a business may be easy, however the real challenge lies in growing and sustaining it against the sheer magnitude of the odds stacked against entrepreneurs which require a special kind of entrepreneurial wisdom, passion and perseverance.

Indongo had simple advice for entrepreneurs, which he said worked for him:

• Be on the lookout for opportunities and utilise them

• Decide where you want to end in future

• Try to see tomorrow and the days thereafter

• Appreciate quality people assisting you

• Obtain new knowledge and skills on a continuous basis

• Know that becoming rich without hard word is a lie

• When success comes your way, stay humble

The president of the NCCI, Martha Namudjebo-Tilahun said the event was very important because it is a platform where entrepreneurs and innovators are recognised for their innovations and enterprises.

“We feel that it is important to give due recognition to deserving entrepreneurs and those institutions and individuals who are making visible contributions towards enterprise development in our country,” Namudjebo-Tilahun said.

May 2014
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