Mauritius exports to Zambia up 16 percent


Bulawayo – Mauritius’s industry and commerce representative body, Enterprise Mauritius (EM), says the country’s annual exports to Zambia have increased 16 percent in 2013 compared to the previous year.

EM is the apex trade promotion organisation of the Republic of Mauritius. It is a collaborative partnership between industry and government to help, within an integrated framework; businesses in Mauritius expand into regional and international markets, and at the same time develop their internal capability to meet the challenges of international competition.

EM chief executive officer, Dev Chamroo, says Mauritius was one of the top source markets for Zambia.

“Mauritius domestic exports to Zambia stand at Rs6.8 million for 2013, representing an increase of 16 percent over the year 2012 [Rs5.85m). Mauritius is ranked 27th in terms of Zambia sourcing preference, with South Africa, Congo and China being its main 3 export partners,” Chamroo said.

“Mauritius is currently exporting preparations used in animal feeding, fertilisers, babies’ garments and clothing, napkins, and sanitary towels.”

The islander’s exports for the first four months (January to April 2014) reached Rs19 billion compared to Rs17.7 billion in the corresponding period in 2013, representing a 7 percent increase. The increase in exports for the month of April 2014 alone compared to that of 2013 was 17 percent.

Chamroo said Mauritius was targeting to further increase exports to the Southern African nation.

“Zambia is a market whereby Mauritius can further develop its exports as Zambia is part of COMESA (Common Market for East and Southern Africa) and SADC (Southern African Development Community), whereby trade between Mauritius and Zambia benefits from duty free and quota free,” he said. Mauritius has gone through economic transformation since independence in 1968, in building a robust, vibrant and diversified economy.

The revolution is most complete in industries such as from the sugar to the cane industry, textiles to fashion industry, fishing to seafood industry, tourism to the hospitality industry, banking to the financial services industry, among others. Zambia is a landlocked country with eight neighbouring states.

With a population of 14.2 million, Zambia has 40 percent of its inhabitants concentrated mainly in the city (Lusaka and Copper belt Province). Its main economic activity is mining, which accounts for 80 percent of the country’s foreign exchange earnings. * 1US$ = Rs30.50

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