Correct make up habits


Looking beautiful everyday takes work, but it can be achieved with great results without taking on much more work.

The most important beauty habit you can develop to keep your hair, skin, nails, and face looking their best is to follow a healthy diet. Always drink eight glasses of water a day, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and proteins, and keep the junk out of your diet whenever possible.  A healthy diet starts from the inside.

There is no reason to cake on the make-up, especially during the day.  Not only does heavy make-up look unnatural, it is bad for your skin.  If you are constantly clogging your pores with thick foundation and concealer; your skin will look tired and greasy.  Clogged pores look dull and cause breakouts.  Putting too much eye make-up on can cause wrinkles because you are constantly pulling on the delicate skin around your eyes. Reduce the amount of make-up you apply every day, and consider taking one or two days off from make up each week to give your skin a break.

Concealer is heavy make-up that will not look right if too much is smeared on.  Pat it lightly into your skin, and always use your pinky finger when applying concealer around your eyes.  This way you will get maximum coverage with the least amount of product.

Sometimes you might want to make a statement.  A smokey eye or new bright eye shadow colours can look great if it’s done right.  Bright red lipstick or bright pink colour can be equally attractive, but if you do both at the same time, your entire look will be off balance.  Stick with one or the other.

At night after a long day, it can be tempting to just fall asleep without washing the layer of make-up on your face.  Leaving the make-up on will not only stains your pillow case, it will suffocate your skin as well.  It could cause acne and other inflammation.   Clean your face every night with a good make-up remover or wash your face with a cleansing oil.  

Whenever possible, test out make-up at the store before you buy it.  If you cannot test it in the store, find a friend, maybe the one who recommended it to you, who already has the makeup and try it out.  Test out foundation and concealer on the back of your hand. You can see how it matches your skin and test coverage and durability.

Age spots can be covered up with make-up, but wrinkles are hard to mask.  Both signs of visible aging can be prevented or at least postponed by wearing sunscreen.   If you do not like wearing sunscreen, look for make-up with sunscreen in it or always wear a large brimmed hat when you go outdoors.  Sunglasses are also important to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Dull skin is most often caused by dirt and dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin.   Use a scrub at least twice a month to gently scrub off the gunk that a regular cleaner cannot clear off.  Use a clay mask once or twice a month to shrink your pores and draw out toxins.  Bentonite clay is great for facial masks.

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