Spring Make-Up Trend


The catwalks have spoken and these are the hottest make-up trends for Spring 2014.  The model in the picture above is wearing a matte coral or tangerine lip colour on her flawless natural skin with a teal eyeliner and shimmer gold eye shadow. The perfect look for this spring season. 

Brace yourself for a serious colour explosion this spring.   Make-up shades are brighter and bolder; spring 2014 make-up trends are particularly interesting for black women, because this season a flawless skin will be the most important part of an up-to-date make-up look.  Skin care is, and will be, of basic importance.

The first condition of having an eye catching look is flawless skin that’s why it is very important to choose proper foundation for your skin tone.  

 In order to have more natural looking and glowing skin choose foundation colour with yellow undertone that will not overload your skin.   

When choosing foundation, test the shades in day light.  If you can’t find perfect shade you can mix two colours.  

 Proper colour of blush and bronzer is also very important so when choosing blush try to find the brown or copper one that will be most suitable for your skin.

Bold Eyebrows – Invest in a good eyebrow brush and an eyebrow pencil that is a bit lighter than your eyebrow colour to maintain your eyebrows.  If you have naturally thick eyelashes make sure you get them shaped by a professional.   If you have thin eyebrows have them tinted at a salon.   Your eyebrow shape must be customised to complement your face – it is ultimately the frame that holds it all together.

Coloured Eyeliner – Orchid, lilac and lavender shades are invading our make-up bags.  

The coolest way to tackle the trend is with eye shadow, but wearing purple washes on your lips and tips is another option. Aquatic eyes or blue eyes are as bold as you like this season. 

 It’s a continuation from 2013 when the trend returned, but this season there’s something for everyone from subtle liner to blocks of shadow.

The neon blues and greens that are surfacing are absolutely gorgeous!  Not only does bright eyeliner make your eyes look bigger but it also accentuates your features and gives you a fresh look.   Finish it off with some mascara and you are good to go.


Long Eyelashes – The key is to enhance your eyelashes and make them thicker and longer while still looking natural.  Gone are the days of long tacky fake eyelashes.  

There are quality micro-eyelashes on the market that not only look bold but very classy.   This is best done by a professional at a salon. 

Bold Lips – The spring seasons offer lots of new lipstick for dark skin. The shades are absolutely gorgeous. Some of them are classic, others are neutral and ideal for daytime, and still others are bright and bold. From neon to coral, orange tones make loud mouths cool this season. 

The easiest way to wear bright lip colour is with a chunky glide-on pencil.  Lipsticks are getting brighter and bolder.  

 Make sure you exfoliate your lips (gently) and wear a good moisturiser as brighter colours will expose any irregularities on your lips.   So keep them luscious and moisturised by exfoliating gently and using a lip balm base and lipstick or gloss with an SPF of at least 15. Spring is all about well-looked after skin and flawless make-up. Be bold and be gorgeous.

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