Spring Heritage 2014


The spring season has taken fashion to a whole new level.  Pastels, denims, tropical prints, monochromes, dainty prints, feminine prints, and polka dots, and prints this year are a little bolder, bigger, louder, and actually exciting. These are the hottest trends to look out for. The best part is that there’s something for everyone. Spring will be bright, printed, and distressed.

Spring has sprung and this season find your rhythm. It is a season of renewal, a time for new regrowth, rebirth and rejuvenation.  Spring clean your life and your emotions.  Marvel the earths re-awakening; chart the progress of the brand new shoots and buds wherever you look. 

Change your wardrobe, now this is not the best time to start wearing clothes that do not complement your age or figure, there are good clothes for women of all ages and all sizes.  The important thing is getting a new look that suits you and complements you.  Clothes affect your mood, which has been scientifically proven to make a significant impression on your self-esteem. 

Dark colours, although will make you look slimmer; will bring down your mood.  Try teaming up one black item, either a skirt or pants with something more colourful on top. 

Change your hairstyle – Everyone is probably used to seeing you with the same look and you probably maintain such to play safe. But why not change it for a change. You can tint it, cut it, or wear hair longer than you used to. 

Make-up – There are some key trends this season.  Matte, nude lips being one and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, some really strong colours.  Make-up serves different functions – be it to enhance, hide, camouflage or a means of seduction   the end goal is to achieve beauty in its perfection and not to add age a woman. 

Bold Florals – Florals in spring are shared by all of us, obviously, but like the rest of 2014’s prints, florals are bright, bold, and in contrast to the traditional style of seasons past. 

Pastels are a part of our spring heritage, so let us just embrace their contrast to the darker fall and winter colours.  Light and frosting-toned, the colour scheme found its way into collections.

Metallics and Iridescent Fabrics – Meanwhile, to keep pastels from floating away, metallic and iridescent fabrics are worn in equal measure, offering a texture not usually seen in spring.

Pleats – A-line skirt and peplum lovers. Pleats make a triumphant return this spring, with collections by Christian Dior returning to the classic silhouette for a clean, strong-lined season.

As for who will adopt the look, we can safely assume anybody – it is easily one of the most flattering styles available.

Until next week.   Stay Fabulous. You can contact Lucretia at lucretiam06@gmail.com

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