Moza election campaign enters crucial stage


Maputo – The electoral campaign for Mozambique’s general elections on October 15 entered its crucial stage on September 29, after 30 days of the 45 days reserved for the campaign under the Mozambique’s electoral law have passed, and the 30 political parties and three presidential candidates are now refining their speeches for the last two weeks of the campaign.

After selling his promises “to continue what has been done in Mozambique since the overthrew of Portuguese colonialism in 1975”, the ruling Frelimo party presidential candidate, Filipe Nyusi is now directing his campaign on teaching potential voters on when, where, how and to whom they should direct their vote.

Nyusi seems now more concerned on mobilising potential votes for Frelimo because “if I am elected the country’s president without a parliament to support me, I will have problems in implementing my programme”, which in fact expresses concerns that the ruling party might lose seats in the next national parliament, as voiced by many political commentators and analysts in Maputo.

During his rallies, Nyusi has been saying repeatedly that he would never promise anything that was clearly impossible to carry out.

“I am for truth and for honesty and I will never make promises that I will be incapable of keeping.”

Analysts pointed out that Nyusi’s opponents apparently failed to bring a message with concrete steps to change the current socio-economic situation in Mozambique, rather to queue criticisms against all mistakes done by the ruling Frelimo party since it has been in power.

The leader of the main opposition Renamo, Afonso Dhlakama, repeatedly expresses his confidence of victory. “I cannot be a symbol and the father of democracy and a fighter for this Mozambique without arriving in Ponta Vermelha (the presidential palace in Maputo). Let me try!” exclaims Dhlakama, adding that if he loses he will recognize the winner and wait the next five years to run again for president.

The leader and presidential candidate of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), Daviz Simango, has been promising, amongst other things, that his government will ensure that the country’s hospitals are properly stocked with medicines and accuses the current government of being “more concerned about buying weapons than medicines for our hospitals”.

Another of Simango’s promise is that the work done by public servants would be rewarded with an appropriate salary, as the low wages currently paid to teachers and doctors is incompatible with the importance of the work they do.

Now, only days remain for the campaign, and things start to become complicated nationwide.

Dhlakama was the last to join the campaign but so far has not yet covered the whole country. What annoys Dhlakama is the fact that Frelimo’s electoral pamphlets in most cases have covered wide and tall walls, and he believed this is “marketing and propaganda not electoral campaign”.

Some violent incidents involving members of Frelimo and MDM have already occurred in some parts of the country, mainly in the southern Gaza province and Nampula, North of Mozambique.

A number of members of the opposition parties have been arrested for allegedly destroying campaign materials of other parties. Some injuries, including of policemen were reported.

This prompted President Armando Guebuza to call on the members and supporters of all political parties participating in the campaign to understand that elections should be a festive moment, and a struggle without violence.

The chairperson of the National Elections Commission (CNE), Abdul Carimo, described the clashes as “disgraceful”, and urged political leaders to rein in their supporters and end the violence. – Nampa/Xinhua

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