Zimbabwe: A Rose Growing From Concrete


Writing one’s history in Africa has become a daunting task as there are colonial and neo-colonial encroachments that continue to creep in the effort to determine the sovereignty of an independent Africa.

Historically, all pan-African leaders who stood in the way to challenge imperial hegemony have been “assassinated” (either politically or economically). Since revolutionary education, in a capitalist state and form, is discouraged and replaced by fork and knife education, it is possible that there are “progressive liberals” in headship, especially among those dealing with political and economic matters, who are not aware of a pan-African work and philosophy.

Africa should spend a few lines in schooling the ignorant about the future that Africa wants. Western countries, despite all their technological and military developments, are the least informed nations about the realities affecting the Third World.

To mention a few, revolutionaries in the mould of Burkina Faso’s Thomas Isdore Sankara, Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah, DR Congo’s Patrice Lumumba, Guinea-Bissau’s Amilcar Cabral, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, have all been politically perplexed by the west in the pursuit of writing the will of Africa.

Some African leaders have not done enough to curb the aggression of the west as they sing the chorus “how long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look”.

Addressing the army in 1983, Captain Sankara said: “The enemies of the people inside the country are all those who have taken advantage of their social position, of their bureaucratic position, to enrich themselves illicitly, these are enemies of the people. They must be exposed. They must be combated.”

Among “true” African leaders, there are some who should be combated as they are taking the platform to derail the real African cause. 

Put differently, Sankara was opposed to corruption and opportunism. He took a firm approach and response to those opportunists who channeled state resources to their stomachs.

Continued Sankara: “The enemies of the people are also that section of the bourgeoisie that enriches itself dishonestly through fraud and bribery, through the corruption of state officials, so they can bring all kinds of products, whose prices have been multiplied tenfold. These are the enemies of the people. This section of the bourgeoisie must be combated and we will combat it.”

In all that Sankara said, he met his bitter end for fighting to uphold the beliefs of Africans.

For Amilcar Cabral, his belief was that the theory of liberation was encapsulated in the teachings of Lenin. Cabral continually stressed the need for a firm political and ideological base for a revolution: “If it is true that a revolution can fail even though it is based on perfectly conceived theories, nobody has yet made a successful revolution without a revolutionary theory.”

The theory of a successful revolution has been witnessed in Zimbabwe. The country’s agrarian reform has seen it swim in political, economic and social problems with a high head.

In the West, political leaders have said “the economic situation in Zimbabwe cannot be explained by the words disaster and catastrophe”, but Zimbabwe is now coming out of the situation.

The desire by President Mugabe to execute pro-people policies from an African perspective has seen his character soiled and denigrated as he has championed black emancipation.

According to his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in 2009, “The land reform programme in Zimbabwe is the greatest achievement that has ever happened to an African state.”

The country is a little rose that is growing from concrete. Fighting neo-colonial hegemony that misinforms the world, wanting Africans to think like Europeans, to force Africans to submit to it and to go along with all its maneuvers.

Elephant riders know that the best way to ride an elephant is when it is down, and this is the case of Zimbabwe, when the country rises, it will emerge as a major force to reckon with.

The US and British media, in their relentless attacks on the sovereignty of African leaders and the ideologies that favour Africans are exposing their neo-colonial tendencies that seek to impose global uni-polarism.

What President Mugabe and Zimbabweans are doing is just pointing Africans to the right path that determines and guarantees self-rule that is accompanied by political and economic independence. It is through the courage and bravery to dare western apparatchiks and state machinery that Africa lost its beautiful sons Cabral, Sankara, Lumumba and Nkrumah among others.

Zimbabwe is keeping its dreams alive, growing strong from the concrete.

October 2014
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