Beauty Blunders


Avoid the beauty blunder offense by maintaining a flawless beautiful looking skin (as demonstrated by the model in the picture), by practising a daily regimen.  Whether it be avoiding the sun or washing and moisturizing every day, a beauty regimen is practised faithfully.  Once you find something that works, you generally stick with it for years to come.

Touching your face – Touching your face throughout the day is something that most women do subconsciously, without even realising it, this encourages the transfer of dirt and oils from your fingertips onto your skin, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Picking at blemishes – Blemishes are never flattering, but if squeezed, they can look even worse and leave permanent scars.

Sleeping with make-up on – Neglecting to remove your make-up before bedtime is a big beauty no-no.  It clogs your pores and can cause acne breakouts. Doing it repeatedly, your skin can look dull over time due to product build-up.  Keep make-up remover wipes or even unscented baby wipes on your nightstand so you can do a quick wipe-off before you hit the sheets.

Over-tweezing your brows – Brow maintenance is key to looking groomed and polished, but some women get carried away and pluck until they are left with tadpole-like brows. 

 Many women start plucking and don’t know when to stop.  Too much tweezing can completely change the look of your face.  If your brows are too thin, they can make your face look bigger and, most importantly, they can make you appear older than you are.   Thicker eyebrows are much more youthful looking.

Using too much foundation –  A foundation that is too thick will settle into fine lines and sap the luminosity from your skin.  Foundation is best used where you need it to even out discolouration.  You do not have to cover every inch of your skin.  If you have dry skin, foundation can look patchy and accentuate discolouration, so exfoliate two to three times a week and always apply a moisturizer after cleansing. 

Finishing with powder – Youthful skin reflects light.  Powders prevent light reflection and tend to magnify lines in the skin.  Start using it only on your nose and chin.  Finally, trade the powder for a packet of blotting tissues, use one, only on the T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead), if you are shiny midday. 

Wearing black eyeliner – Do not skip eyeliner altogether. It is a great way to make your eyes look more open, but choose brown over black, which can be harsh.  Keep the colour diffuse. You want to define the eyes with softness and blending, not strict lines.  A thick liner can leave the upper lids looking heavier than they are.  The best technique: Trace a brown pencil liner along the upper lash line into the roots of the lashes, focusing on the outer corners and smudge it with a Q-tip. 

Going overboard with lip liner – A lip liner can define your lips and prevent colour from feathering into any lines around the mouth, but choose one very carefully.  If you like your lips too heavily, or with a colour that’s too dark, they will look tight and pursed.  For the most natural effect, your lip liner should match the colour of your lips, not the colour of your lipstick.  Choose a creamy formula that will not adhere to any dry patches, and use it to fill in your lips entirely, so it wears evenly. 

Choosing a too dark eyebrow pencil –  Your brow colour fades as you age.  Choose an eye pencil one that has a shade or two lighter than your natural brow colour. 

 If your brows are starting to get a little wiry, run a clear brow gel over them as well, brushing them up and out toward your temples.

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