The world is my oyster – says former Zambian BBA housemate


Windhoek- She was born in Zambia, raised in Botswana and pursued higher education in Namibia, a cross border experience that seemed to have suitably prepared Theresa Liteta popularly known as Resa for the annual continental reality TV show Big Brother Africa and life itself.

But even after her eviction from the BBA house, Resa remains optimistic about herself and future prospects. The Southern Times recently caught up with her in Namibia’s capital Windhoek where she opened up about her experience and plans after the limelight in the Africa reality television show. 

Question (Q): Given a second chance to go back into the Big Brother House, what would you change about yourself or the house?

Answer (A): I wouldn’t change anything about myself. I am imperfectly perfect. I think I’d just try to spend lesser time being too observant.

Q: It’s a trend that the majority of former BBA housemates, with vast talents, vanish a few months after eviction. What are your thoughts?

A: It’s all up to every individual housemate to take ownership of their careers in terms of building and establishing their brand and maximising their short window period of fame. Nothing can be handed to us on a silver platter so we as former housemates need to take charge of our brands

Q: You are Zambian born, yet you grew up in Botswana then pursued higher education in Namibia. How did this help you during your stay in the house?

A: I wouldn’t necessarily say it contributed much to my stay in the house but it was lovely being able to relate to the housemates from all these three countries and have conversations about all these countries I’ve lived in. I remember I’d talk to the Botswana and Namibian housemates about things like music, food and cool hangout spots in their countries and we’d bond over such stuff.

Q: You didn’t spend a lot of your adult years in Zambia, yet you managed to represent the country at the continental level. How did you manage that?

A: Firstly the fact that I haven’t spent most of my adult years in Zambia doesn’t make me a lesser Zambian. I still hold Zambian identity documents and I remain proudly Zambian regardless of where I am based. I’m a go getter and believe in myself in everything I set my mind on; I drove to Zambia on my birthday, stood in long queues and auditioned just like everybody else. I guess my warm hearted personality was infectious enough for me to be picked as one of the Zambian representatives.

Q: Having been a “citizen” of three countries, where are you planning to base your career and is this the reason you are in Namibia?

A: ‘Citizen’!!! *laughs* Firstly, I am not a citizen of three countries. I’m a proud Zambian citizen. I’m a very spontaneous and adventurous person. I’m a globe trotter and I’m passionate about travelling so all I can say is let’s wait and see. The world is my oyster!

Q: What’s the level of your commitment towards a noble cause that can change lives of those around you?

A: I’m personally a very loving, kind hearted soul that believes in giving back to not only my community but to the universe. I believe in giving not only material things but time and love. I also believe in doing things not for the media coverage or to be seen but to change lives because it comes from the heart.  I’m constantly involving myself during my busy schedule and making time to give back to planet earth. I’m currently working on a few noble causes as we speak and not only do I change lives but my life transforms as well as I help people selflessly. They (readers) can interact with me on the various social media platforms on Facebook – Theresa Liteta; Twitter @MsLiteta and my Instagram @TheresaPhoenix.

February 2015
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