Namibia needs a Salary Commission: Ndingara



Namibia needs a salary commission to regulate and control salaries paid by institutions in the country.

This was the view of Member of Parliament (MP) Eliphas Ndingara during the 10th Session of the Fifth Parliament, which resumed in the capital on Tuesday.

During discussions on the minimum wages for domestic workers introduced in December last year, he proposed that this salary commission could also conduct research on suitable salary increases for institutions or employers wishing to increase their employees’ salaries.

“This way, salaries can be determined at a controlled point. The commission would have to investigate and find a suitable salary or minimum wage for workers of that institution,” said Ndingara.

The minimum wage for domestic workers is expected to come into effect from 01 April this year.

Domestic workers will earn no less than R7.02 per hour, which translates into R56.21 per day or R281.09 per week.

From the implementation date, domestic workers will thus not earn less than R1 218 per month.

If domestic employees work longer than the hours they are supposed to, they will be paid R10.53 per hour during weekdays, and R14.04 per hour on Sundays or public holidays.

In his contribution to the debate, MP and All People’s Party (APP) president Ignatius Shixwameni said although the minimum wages were introduced, the incoming parliament should ensure that all Namibians prosper.

He said there is also a need for a framework to govern the employment of domestic workers so as not to create confusion about what is required by the government from employers and their employees.

Minister of Trade and Industry Calle Schlettwein said although what has been proposed can create stability to improve the conditions of others, it could also put unreasonable pressure on working people.

He explained that this has a high risk of causing economic instability.

Other MPs noted that the implementation of the proposal may leave some employers of domestic workers in debt. -Nampa

February 2015
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