Time for redemption is nigh

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s ascension to the African Union throne may be the Holy Grail that the continent desperately needs to redeem itself from the whipping boys snare and establish itself as a force to reckon with in global politics.

When the wheel of fortune turns in favour of God’s people, the devil always finds ways of throwing spanners in its spokes. It is not difficult to tell that Mother Fortune is nigh, or to discern her charming smile, as it is always reflected on the devil and his incarnates’ frowning faces. Fear, real or imagined, is what always betrays the devil in his attempt to scupper the rise of the chosen ones. 

That there were so many ruckuses on the home stretch to the revolutionary son of the soil’s assumption of the AU reins is indicative of a turn of fortunes in Zimbabwe’s favour and Africa’s pride as a sovereign continent; and that the brouhaha intensified in smear campaigns to downplay the significance of the Chairmanship from the usual corner of detractors under the tutelage of the United States, her progenies and mouthpieces in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, does not only vindicate Zimbabwe’s trajectory enshrined in its socio-economic blueprint, ZIM-ASSET and mirrored in the AU’s Agenda 2063, but clearly sounds the panic knell in the erstwhile imperialistic world.

If it really is a mere ceremonial title, why would the colonially ensconced world make so much noise about President Mugabe’s appointment to the extent of sponsoring malcontents to draw attention from his hugely popular presence in Zambia, to officiate, as the SADC chair, at President Edgar Lungu’s inauguration following his victory in the January 20 2015 by-elections?

Is it not a case of a conceited lady of fashion who ogles about a beautiful and expensive dress on display, and when it is bought and donned by a friend, it suddenly becomes ugly and old-fashioned? 

The shameless nudity of the Zambia circus to discredit the African revolutionary icon’s presence was recalcitrant in the reportage it received from the private media in Zimbabwe, South Africa and other retrogressive outlets, and not in the host country itself. However, the gargantuan applause which reverberated in the inauguration venue when the African Union chair in waiting, and the SADC chair gracefully strode in could really not have come from mercenary political turncoats.

 That really was the voice of Africa; the voice of the oppressed, subjugated, raped and displaced, welcoming the champion of their struggle; the ultimate hero in their dreams of economic freedom and empowerment, and it is this that the sponsored gang decided not to hear or see.

It is true that if a well-wisher or pretender disguised as a friend, pays the bride price for your wife, and is more than 70 percent responsible for her upkeep and that of your children, he calls the tune. Would you really faulty her if she succumbs to his carnal desires or would it be possible for your children to untangle themselves from his labyrinthine snare?

But if your wife decides to throw caution to the wind and tell him to take his glossed help to hell to protect her pride and your manly ego, would you also faulty her, considering that she might also be throwing a lifeline to the dungeons? Would that also not consummate your resolve to fend for her and your children without outside interference?

That is the unenviable predicament which Africa finds herself in, and had to decide at whatever cost at the 24th Ordinary Session of its grouping. The AU budget is disturbingly sponsored to the tune of 72 percent by co-operating partners, of which the United States and her allies contribute 60 percent, leaving members to meet the remaining 28 percent.

Such a situation is unsustainable for any independent family, as it robs it of its sovereignty and gags its voice.

The bulk of Malawi’s budget, as is the case with many other African countries, is donor funded and as a result of that her policies are devoid of the wishes of the Malawian people.

Poverty indeed is the culprit that the West exploits effectively against the continent. 

 Riding on the wave of such a crest, Zimbabwe’s and indeed Africa’s detractors sought to derail the continent’s train to prosperity through realization of the true value of her resources, as embodied in President Mugabe’s policies and ideological philosophy.

It is rather hypocritical for the West to revoke the issue of the illegal embargo imposed on the motherland, which is unleashing untold suffering on the poverty stricken majority, and at the same time disowning the same; for the mere reason of subverting a popular vote.

Notwithstanding the predicament of scoffing at glossed aid, the continent’s Heads of State decided to elect their trusted, tested and experienced revolutionary, Robert Mugabe, to steer the African ship to glory.

The West may vilify him, demonise him or even crucify him and rubbish whatever he stands for, but the statesman is an icon and a hero to Africa. His actions, desires and words are reflective of what the continent yearns for, but have of long pretended not to; for fear of irking Big Brother who holds the carrot stick.

There is no better person at the moment who can tell the African story with fearless conviction than Robert Mugabe, and the alien gangsters from where the sun sets are frettingly aware of it.

That Africa is endowed with vast mineral resources is as true as the fact that the colonial world was developed through their pillage; but sadly the continent remains poor and lies prostrate on the ground as the imperialists rape her willy-nilly. 

Western hegemony which seeks to continue the subjugation of the once physically and emotionally colonized should be seen as it is-a sugar coated devil.

Land has always been a people’s pride, and it remains so, because without ownership of it development continues to recede to the horizon; it is the womb to aquatic, mineral, agricultural and other natural resources which makes it trite to wish away any struggles for the repossession or simply possession of the land.

History has it on record that colonization reduced the legitimate owners of the land to subsistent croppers, who barely exist beyond the tag of peasantry, on barren land; with the minority whose belief in the superiority of their race is legendary, occupying vast tracts of arable land.

In Zimbabwe for instance, colonial laws saw to it that 70 percent of the land belonged to about 4000 white progenies and only 30 percent was to be shared among the 13million blacks, who ironically are the legitimate owners.

In South Africa, statistics show that more than 80 percent of the land is still in the hands of the beneficiaries of apartheid, 20 years after independence, with only 14 percent controlled by the government on behalf of the black majority whose population is more than 50million.

It is against this backdrop that President Robert Mugabe decided to shame the West in its backyard, especially the British government, for reneging on their promise pertaining to the land issue as enshrined in the Lancaster House Agreement; calling the agreement a mere piece of paper; yet there are a lot of such pieces of paper the deceitful hypocrites want Africa to respect. The Pact Colonial between France and the 14 Francophone African countries immediately come to the fore.

The heinous pact requires the African countries which were formerly colonized by France, to deposit 65 percent of their foreign currency reserves in the French Treasury. The hard to accept fact that these countries have no individual monetary policies as everything is pinned on the CFA franc points to the baneful nature of neo-colonialism, which the continent collectively lambasts as reflected through Robert Mugabe’s appointment to be the face of the struggle for

total emancipation and empowerment of the African people. As the incoming chair outlined in his acceptance speech; “African resources should belong to Africans and no one else. Except those we invite as friends, friends we shall have, yes, but imperialists and colonialists, no. Africa is for Africans, let us sing.”

 It is this hard talk that the revolutionary, whose values are respected the continent over, which he is vilified for; it is this same talk that he is revered and adored for, and it is indeed this candid talk that he will use to address Africa’s unfair treatment at world platforms like the United Nations. Africa has come of age, and gone are the days she was given multiple voices to represent her.

The exportation of raw minerals or any other resources should be done away with – value addition and beneficiation should be the new norm. 

Whoever wants to trade with Africa should be prepared to meet the continent’s terms, because there is no freedom without ownership of  the means of production; therefore, impoverished democracy is not what is yearned for; but a better standard of living for the majority, in a world where diseases are not manufactured to decimate presumed inferior races, where the mouth always  precedes action, where every human being is given a chance regardless of race, creed or nationality, where the so called global village is not hijacked by thieving gangs, where wars are not manufactured to create anarchy and chaos as a way of plundering others’ ancestral resources, where the power of mighty is checked to ungag the voices of the feeble and vulnerable; mutilated, displaced and molested in full view of all and sundry over generations of stoic submission, where the multiplicity of religious and cultural beliefs is respected, where the word “terrorism” is not used selectively and where every soul’s dreams are given a chance to sprout.

Such a world is what Africa needs as is manifested in her appointment of the revolutionary grandmaster and seasoned statesman, whom the West choose to hate, Robert Mugabe, to carry the gargantuan basket of her children’s dreams and aspirations, and such a decision should not only be respected by a progressive world, but will function as a milestone that goes a long way in redefining the continent’s aspirations.

This indeed is Africa’s chance to glow in the limelight of global economic and political phenomena, as she redeems herself from the world’s punch bag and free for all tag.

February 2015
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