Barons’ deceitful attempts to bankrupt SA


Opposition political parties, academics and intellectuals, church leaders, the media and the private sector seem to deliberately ignore that 3.4 million South African households are not connected to the electricity grid.

The above-mentioned sectors also ignores the long-overdue call for the end of the secret Sunset Clauses that protect apartheid and all its inhumane atrocities to date. Such negligence contributes to the growing demon of corruption. Is corruption really addressed? Or, is it a one-sided affair, where the corruptor enjoys protection and the corrupted is condemned to hell, to keep him/her compromised and under control?

As it seems, the much larger and more dangerous corruption remains underreported, if ever mentioned. This concerns more particularly the private sector’s organised white-collar crime, bleeding trillions of Rand out of the country, thereby collapsing the value of the Rand, playing hard politics.

The examples are substantive and manifold. 

The targets of the Mining Charter are being downplayed and not debated in public, or in private. The industrialisation of the country’s economy needs real support. There is no constructive debate, which would lead to the build-up of the manufacturing sector.

As expected, the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) perform according to a rehearsed script to create a non-functional parliament.  

Theirs is a prototype model of a coup to undermine a properly elected government, similar to the Ukraine, to force a “regime change”. 

Such covert and overt operations are however, currently not possible in South Africa. The South African Police Services (SAPS), the South African National Defence Forces (SANDF), the South African Intelligence Services – in short, the country’s security cluster – are all stable. Therefore, an engineered and heavily funded Ukrainian outbreak of violence is not acceptable and will not happen.

 The political opposition, certain academia, the media and heads of certain chapter-9 institutions are promoting and testing destabilisation strategies.

It is obvious that the “Democratic Alliance” does not understand which values and vision to stand for. Conservative, neo-conservative, right-wing-racist, liberal, neo-liberal, revolutionary – watching DA-leader Zille-the-journalist on stage, committing plagiarism by ranting revolutionary slogans while hopping up and down, trying to imitate the ANC and confusing the voting public – contribute to political opportunism to grab power. This is done to eventually establish a large enough powerbase to be able to cut a joint venture deal with the ANC by 2019 and rule South Africa.

The above understanding further means that all is done to marginalise the ruling ANC out of government structures. It is clear that the corporate world in its political power games give the DA-EFF policies and principles. In return, the DA could not care less what it actually stands for.

So far, the DA failed to stand up to debate South Africa’s democracy and the conduct in parliament. Instead, it joins forces with the EFF, to undermine the constitution and democracy. Where are their principles and direction?

The DA is quite similar to Namibia’s colonial-apartheid Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), which eventually died a natural political death, despite foreign-guided opportunistic plagiaristic noise and no constructive action.

The entire SADC region’s economy depends to a large degree on South Africa’s economy. The Namibian Dollar for example, is linked on a one-to-one basis with the Rand. Zimbabwe uses both, the Rand and the United States dollar as currencies. President Jacob Zuma announced in his State Of The Nation Address (SONA), that the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has a meagre indigenous black South African participation of 3%. He also highlighted that 3.4 million households remain without electricity.  The long-established mining companies missed the targets set out by the Mining Charter.

Organised white-collar crime – as exposed by individuals inside the South African Reserve Bank (SARB); in the private banking community such as Investec Bank, who had worked closely with Brett Kebble to allegedly embezzle R26 billion within ten days, as documented by investigative journalist, Barry Sergeant in his book, “The Kebble Collusion, 10 Fateful Days in a R26 Billion Fraud”; the collapse of the South African Rand currency (ZAR) in 2001/2, again as recorded by Sergeant in his book, “The Assault On The Rand, Kevin Wakeford And The Battle To Save A Currency” – is rife.

Deutsche Bank had to return over R10 billion. SASOL and NAMPAK and a host of other local multi-nationals were found guilty of undermining the national currency. As soon as the destruction of the Rand was revealed and corrected, it bounced back from R13.89 to R5.51

In the week of February 15, 2015, two criminal inquiries into the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) were launched for money laundering.  The Geneva Public Prosecutor is currently probing how the bank allegedly helped clients evade taxes.

And, it did not stop there. According to the investigation of the retired, former non-executive director of South Africa’s Reserve Bank, Stephen Goodson, former apartheid SARB governor, Dr Chris Stals, had allegedly stolen three tonnes of pure refined gold from South Africa’s gold reserves in Zurich, Switzerland. This is on record in Goodson’s books, “A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind” and his second book, “Inside South Africa’s Reserve Bank; Its Origins And Secrets Exposed”.

It is alleged that Stals received R2 trillion for the heist! Goodson reports further that under the watch of former Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel and under former governor of the Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni, an additional R12 billion was stolen from the SARB.  

South Africa’s construction cartel had to pay fines of over R12 Million for having colluded and shared profits by constructing stadia and highways in the run up to the FIFA World Cup. The exorbitant “profits” amounted to over R40 Billion. That was taxpayers’ money.

Not to mention the many cases of price collusion of retail and food cartels. Those confirmed crooked, racist efforts to unilaterally raise the maize-, milk-, fish- and bread prices and profit from it, literally took the food out of the mouths of the poor indigenous African majority.   The list goes on and there is more to come.

 The above-mentioned organised white-collar crimes have well-heeled lobbies with big chequebooks. In addition, the secret Sunset Clauses and the behind-closed-doors machinations of the Demarcation Board protect such criminal corruption. The media seems not to report it adequately, with the seriousness such activity deserves.

The media underreports such crimes, or not report them at all. Therefore, the media could stand accused of promoting anarchy. In its reliably continuous attacks on President Zuma and the ANC, the same media seems to speculate without substance and facts. As expected, the media speculates and works with sound-bites without much of a story and no substance. The public remains short-changed, kept away from the facts.

Witnessing global developments of moral-, ethical- and intellectual bankruptcy based on unmitigated avarice, it is clear who rules the day in this propaganda war.

The Late US President Franklin D. Roosevelt explained, “Ownership of a government by private individual(s) threatens democracy and is fascism.” Nation-states could be overthrown easier than ever before in history. The global state was turned into a state-corporate-complex.

• The author Udo W. Froese, is a non-institutionalised, independent political and socio-economic analyst and columnist, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

March 2015
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