Africa might never be the same after June


Africa might never be the same again! If the June African Union Summit comes out united on the withdrawal from the International Criminal Court and subsequent formation of the African Court of Justice, the continent will have achieved much more than it did by ending colonialism about two decades ago.

This move, will no doubt, cement Africa’s total liberation from former colonial masters, who have over the years abused the ICC to punish African leaders they are opposed to.  

AU Chairman and veteran Zimbabwean leader, President Robert Mugabe has called on Africa to withdraw its subscription to the International Criminal Court of Justice in the wake of the court’s bias against African leaders.

President Mugabe, regarded a villain by US and its European allies, but greatly revered as a brave visionary and Pan Africanist by the progressive world, is right in leading the crusade on the formation of the African Court of Justice where Africa seeks to control and manage itself.

President Mugabe who is also the chairperson of SADC, is right in pushing for the withdrawal after it has become clear that the ICC is targeting African leaders when the progressive world knows fully well that leader after leader of the United States has committed genocidal atrocities by killing many people in Iraqi, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and many other world hot spots.

 The Americans from George Bush the father to the son, up to Barack Obama have tortured people in the Guantanamo Bay prison, they have slaughtered people in Iraqi, Palestine, Libya and Syria and caused regime change in Africa and yet they have not faced the ICC. What justice is that? What democracy is that?

“Africa must pull out of the ICC. The pull-out must be on the June AU summit agenda in South Africa. 

What the West will say or do is not my business,” says President Mugabe.

“My concern is on uplifting the life of our people, giving them something that will raise their standard of living.

 If Europe comes in the spirit to cooperate and not the spirit to control us and control our ways, they will be very welcome,” he says.  

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta whose case was withdrawn by the ICC also called for the establishment of the proposed African Court of Justice and Human Rights, which he said was fundamental in finding African solutions to African problems.

President Kenyatta has already pledged US$1 million for the new judicial institution that he said was now unstoppable. It is fact not fiction that President Mugabe and the current crop of African leaders are informed by a conscious sense of history to take a stand against the ICC’s selective application of justice targeting mainly African leaders while completely ignoring the brutality of leaders of European descent.

It is also fact not fiction that the ICC effectively came into being on March 11, 2003 as a permanent tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression and that it has largely and almost exclusively been used to punish African leaders.

At this point it might be critical to look at the US itself. In the frames of the “US secret prisons” programme Americans use extremely tough methods of interrogations.

The CIA investigators humiliate detainees by resorting to imitation of drowning and execution, imprisonment in a coffin, sleep deprivation up to 180 hours, sexual threats, etc. but no one has been brought to book.

Is there any abuse that surpasses this? 

These methods often cause serious harm to the health of prisoners and lead to mental disorders and even to death. Meanwhile the US Senate’s investigations found that at least 26 persons from 119 sacrifices of the abovementioned programme were detained mistakenly.

The CIA traditionally use the territory of African for carrying out its secret operations, including the assassinations of foreign politicians, disliked by Washington.

In particular on December 30, 2014 delegates of the UN General Assembly accepted a resolution appealing for a new investigation over the wreck of the UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold’s plane in 1961. 

Members of the special commission have declared that they had grounds to consider that the Secretary General’s aircraft was shot down “with an assistance” of the US special services. The commission specialists found that the NSA traced and recorded regional radio negotiations in the night of tragedy of Dag Hammarskjold.

However, upon an official inquiry by the UN team of lawyers, the Americans refused to provide the specified records as they were labelled by the NSA as “classified information”.

Aspiring to a role of state-standard in human rights observance, the US in practice has been breaking basic principles of the Geneva conventions, so, Washington has no right to impose on other states, including in Africa, the values of the Western democracy, which are neglected by Americans themselves. On that note, no one but Africans have the right to decided Africa’s destiny and President Robert Mugabe will go into the history books as the leader who sought the total liberation of Africa.

May 2015
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